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2020-02-25 10:20 by Karl Denninger
in Personal Health , 191 references Ignore this thread
Wanna Die?*
[Comments enabled]

The left wants you to.

They tell us that "body positivity" includes being outrageously obese.

That criticizing, "shaming", or even mentioning that this is an entirely self-inflicted problem and can be fixed without a single medical intervention of any sort is within the reach of virtually every person so-affected constitutes "abuse" -- or worse.  Many if not most leftists even want to criminalize such commentary, First Amendment be damned.

It really is simple: Stop eating carbs.

Do you know why you need to fix this problem?

  • You are debilitated by being fat -- right now.  You can do less.  You can not run nearly as far, or as fast -- if you can run at all.  Your heart is working harder than it should be, since it is pumping blood through more tissue than it was designed for.  Your lungs are working harder.  Your kidneys are working harder.  Failure of any of those organs will kill you.  Then there are all the other parts of your body you are damaging (specifically your knees, hips and ankles) which won't kill you but can cripple you with age.  While joint replacement is possible with today's technology it's both expensive and the recovery is daunting -- just contemplate what has to be done in that bone must be sawed open and the artificial replacement put in place of the damaged parts.

  • You are insulin-compromised.  Over time this has a very high probability of causing Type II diabetes.  If you aren't diabetic now you will be.  If you stop eating carbs if you are headed for diabetes you will likely halt that entirely.  If you are Type II diabetic now and stop eating carbs you may in fact reverse your high blood sugar entirely, along with ceasing the accumulation of damage that high blood sugar causes.  In some cases your body may be able to repair that damage over time.  If you wait too long and the damage gets too advanced then there's nothing, literally, you can do about it.  The damage path for diabetes includes gangrene, amputations, blindness and ultimately kidney failure and death.  It is a very unpleasant way to die.

  • Eating tasty animals is not only good for you it tastes good.  Not being hungry when you wake up until noon or later makes maintenance trivially simple since you will only want to eat once a day.  You will stop being a slave to the refrigerator and all the crap you formerly had in it.

  • You will get more fiber, not less, by changing what you eat.  Green vegetables, especially cruciferous ones such as broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, collard greens and similar are very rich in both vitamin C and fiber.  Their balance between usable nutrients your body can absorb per calorie of content is extraordinarily favorable.  It's trivially easy to get many times your Vitamin C requirement from these while consuming only a couple hundred calories.  As just one example Broccoli contains just 30 calories in one cup of florets, yet it contains 135% of your Vitamin C requirement and 116% of Vitamin K needs and close to 10% of your daily fiber recommendation, yet it has only 3.5 net (digestible) carbohydrates.

  • Your immune system will improve.  Do you think that might be important given Coronavirus?  I presume you'd rather be alive than dead, yes?

About four years ago I wrote what may be my seminal piece on this called Demolishing Lies on Low Carb Eating.  Instead of subscribing to the left's virtue signalling on being fat choose to tell them to go **** a goat.  Let's be blunt about this: The Left's virtue-signalling about "beautiful at any size" and similar claptrap in fact is a recipe for disease, disability and death and those on the left pushing this bull**** know it.

They'd rather see you six feet under, eaten by snakes and worms, than be truthful not only with but with themselves as well.

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