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User Info More Insanity: Hospitals; entered at 2020-01-25 18:20:02
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I was born. That might not count.

I had a lazy eye fixed. I remember looking crossed eyed but I don't remember the operation. I guess I was 3 pushing 4.

Tonsils. Yeah. Adults LIE!!! "All the ice-cream you want!" and I do remember laying face down on the sofa for 3 or 4 days drooling because I couldn't swallow. I might be all of 5 but I wasn't stupid after that. But I almost never get sick anymore.

Broken leg from motorcycle wreck. That was sort of fun. Traction, pins in thigh bone where the bone narrows to go into the hip. Being scolded for not going poop. Didn't have to. I went from about 150 to 125 in a month. About a week before they released me, I had crutches. Hard work, there. And I ruined the bathroom about 10 minutes before the PT lady arrived. I was soaking in sweat. I wasn't supposed to use the crutches un-supervised but I think she was proud of me. Hey, Doc said 50/50 you get to keep the leg. So it hurts/aches most of the time, meh, I can walk.

That's all.
2020-01-25 18:20:02