So What? It's Time For War
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2019-12-03 09:02 by Karl Denninger
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So What? It's Time For War
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Townhall has tried to "clown" the premise that we can and should go after the Mexican drug cartels.

It’s not a matter of the prowess of our warriors. Our warriors, unleashed, would lay waste to anything we point them at. But the question is, “Would we ever unleash them? Would we let them do what it takes to achieve the goal of eliminating the cartels?"

Of course not. We haven’t decisively won a real war since World War II (except the Gulf War, unless you accept the arguable premise that it was an early campaign in a still-continuing Iraq conflict). And there’s a reason we don’t win. We don’t truly want to, as demonstrated by our unwillingness to do the hard things required to win. Could you imagine the Democrats siding with America in a war on Mexican drug cartels? If you can, you’re higher than Hoover Biden at a strip club on a Saturday night.

So, in essence, what's being put forward on the table is that half of America and half of Congress, and perhaps all of it, would choose to be a narco-state with criminal gangs running around not just Mexico but America too cutting off heads, hanging people from bridges and generally being, well, real *******s.

Do you really believe the gangs aren't all over America today?  The DOJ says they are.

So are you ready to declare war on a bunch of thugs who manufacture, ship, distribute and sell poisons into the United States?  There's a clean point to be made, and Townhall's article does make it, that neither the left or right is interested in an actual answer to this problem because they both refuse to cut the money off, and doing so means enforcing the border.

Witness the recent shoot-em-up featured trucks with Texas license plates on them.  How did the vehicles get into Mexico?  They were either bought here and went over the border, which we could have prevented but didn't (gee, does anyone care what exits the United States on our side?) or they were stolen either here or there, and since they're late-model who's helping these cartels re-key these vehicles so they can be both stolen and driven -- and why are the so-called "anti-theft" features, like OnStar, such a bad joke?  Are the automakers' dealer and service networks involved themselves?  And again, since at least the plates crossed the border and it's likely the vehicles did do we give a wet crap about what exits the US?

What's the other possibility?  You know damn well what it is: We've tolerated the illegal invaders long enough that some have made kids, they're now adults living in Texas, they're Mexican cartel members and bought said trucks, likely with drug money and thus brought them into Mexico voluntarily.  And we, once again, let our politicians create and maintain that environment.

Gee, it's not like guns and money would exit the US, right?  If you can steal a truck and simply drive it to Mexico how hard is it to transport a bunch of firearms (which are generally not legal for civilians in Mexico to have) with which to shoot people never mind the money that is made on the drug trade.

Well, you tell me.  There's an unverified report out this morning that Horowitz "promised" that Strzok and Page's affair would be kept private and that he did not compel them to turn over any of their electronic devices for forensic examination.  Nor did anyone else, despite what is clear evidence of malfeasance of duty at best, and possibly criminal acts of interference with an election campaign -- official corruption -- at worst.

Indeed it appears that thousands of potentially-relevant text messages and emails simply........ vanished.  Where have we seen that movie before?

Oh wait, I know -- with Hillary.  Right?

In short, where is our nerve?  Further, since when do you think these people are not attacking us here, on our soil?  They most-certainly are.  China is the source of most of the fentanyl in terms of the precursor chemicals and such but a huge part of the actual manufacturing, in fact most of it, is taking place in Mexico.  Ditto for all the meth and a decent amount of the illicit weed.

Oh, and as for that second thing, there's another problem: There are banned pesticides in the United States that we allow US companies to make for export.  What sort of insanity is this and why aren't the heads of those firms rotting in a prison cell?  You're telling me that we have banned products in the United States that are extraordinarily dangerous (they're poisons of sufficient strength that even a single drop will kill you) and yet we allow US companies to make and export them to Mexico, where the cartels buy them and then bring them back into the US to illegally grow weed right here in America?

You don't think, by chance, that stuff full of said pesticide, is then showing up in vape cartridges and illegal marijuana distributed and sold in the United States, do you?  Of course it is!

So, in essence, the argument is that not only would we not take these clowns on in the United States and go after them we're already letting them murder Americans -- not only by selling fentanyl they manufacture from Chinese imported precursors but directly with poisoned marijuana grows.

So let's face facts here folks -- are you willing to surrender to drug cartels?  Who, I remind you, murder indiscriminately, peddle knowingly-poisoned drugs (they could give a wet crap for purity and safety) and bribe, blackmail and extort everyone in the middle on top of it?  All so you can have your illegal Mexican labor both in factories and fields?

Is that what America finds acceptable?

Because if not then you had better get off your ass and tell both DemonScats and Rethuglicans alike that either we go to war with these cartels, do what has to be done, eject them from the United States, seal our border or you're going to consider them willing co-conspirators with the cartels and deal with all of it appropriately.

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