Running Out Of Slaves....
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2019-11-18 09:21 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 173 references Ignore this thread
Running Out Of Slaves....
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Well well, look what we have here...

Historically, Samsung has designed and produced almost all its phones in-house in vast factories in Vietnam and, more recently, India while winding down production in South Korea and China where labor costs more.

Where labor costs more.

The entire reason you have a DOW at 28,000 is that Nike, Apple and others have shifted their labor to places that are effectively slave repositories.

But this only works for a while because it's not the fixed cost of labor they're targeting it's the delta.

In other words GM's one-shot gain by moving production to Mexico made them a bunch of money but they need that $3/hour cost to drop to $2, and there is no $2 source available within reasonable distance.  But this is what Samsung is trying to do and the instant it stops so does their "earnings" improvement.

People call this "competition" -- but it isn't.

This is all about human trafficking and exploitation -- period.

We scream about it in theory when it comes to sexual exploitation.  But do we really do anything about it?  Congress is now screaming at ABC about spiking the Epstein story but they spiked Epstein's prosecution the first time around!  Who are they trying to kid here?  That SOB was known to be running young girls for years, got caught and because some of his "friends" were people like Clinton he got a faux "sentence" that not only wasn't a sentence he was screwing more girls while alleged on "work release" and supposedly "working" at his house!

Who went to prison in our government for not only looking the other way but in fact openly facilitating Epstein's nonsense, which facially appears to be an international ring running underage sex slaves?  That would be nobody.

Oh, and what has Disney (ABC's corporate owner) "cultivated and sold" for decades?  Kids -- and their "images."  Hmmm.....

Further, I remind you that when Clinton signed NAFTA the American people were told that the deal would guarantee that Mexico's at-the-time $3/hour (in US) wage would rise to near-parity with American wages, while those would remain reasonably stable in non-union areas at about $25/hour.

What actually happened is that both stayed the same -- the Mexican wage rate didn't move -- but over the next 20 years inflation made both wages worth much less in real terms.  You can see that directly in the price of the vehicles GM, Ford and others manufacture which have gone only one direction - up.

Who was held accountable for the human trafficking behind much of this?  Congress?  Clinton?  Hillary?  Anyone?


It was and is all about the slavery.  Whether it's on your feet, your back or your knees, it's the same basic deal so cut the crap America and that especially means you, Mr. Doucheface McCarthy with your "scold" alleged "demand" letter to ABC.

Oh and the latest insult to our intelligence is that we're told the "USMCA" will "fix" this.

I'll give you my view on it -- I'll believe it if and only if there is no wage parity within 5 years between Mexican and American manufacturing (not "gains" or "moves", paritythe American public gets to HUNT the entirety of Congress AND President Trump, whether he's currently President or not, and EAT all of them.

No?  There's no teeth for all those in America who I believe will get butt****ed exactly as happened the last time and nobody paid for the LIES told to the American people to sell NAFTA to them?

Well then **** you all, especially considering that the US Government refuses to put a stop to the criminal Mexican gangs that are all over our nation, including but not limited to those running drugs.

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