Call 'Diversity' What It Is: RACISM
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2019-11-03 09:04 by Karl Denninger
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Call 'Diversity' What It Is: RACISM
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Watch the "buzzword" nonsense in this article:

To supporters like Mr. Engen, the Congolese are filling a void of cultural diversity in a town that is nearly 90 percent white. In the 1980s, Hmong refugees from Laos settled in Missoula. The children of immigrant families are usually the few students of color in city classrooms, while their parents work long hours at businesses eager for the help.

A "void of cultural diversity"?  What sort of nonsense is this?

Look, here are the facts: We're bringing in H1b visa holders and destroying the wages of high-skilled Americans at the same time we're flooding the lower-skilled end of the job market with people that have IQs well under the American average, guaranteeing that Americans with lesser abilities will be displaced.

Of course "businesses" are "eager" for the "help."  At a low wage.

But let's remember that these third-world ****holes are ****holes in large part because the people who live there refuse to rise up and take responsibility for their own government failures.  They're not willing to fight for their own land and their own people.  Instead they want someone else to "help" them, when they could choose to help themselves.

There are plenty of people right here in America who could use those jobs.  Oh yes, we are told, we have 3.5% unemployment.  How much underemployment do we have either in terms of salary or position?  A hell of a lot of it, and yet we want to bring in both educated and uneducated based on how cheaply they'll work rather than on their drive and desire to be American?

The very premise of "diversity" is racist.  It pre-supposes that one's skin color, religion or national origin defines whether they contribute to a nation and should be admitted.  That's nonsense; it's exactly the same and in fact many ways worse than so-called "white nationalism" in that at least the white-hooded KKK folks aren't demanding that other people pay for their medical care, housing, power and food while all those demanding "diversity" are in fact insisting on armed robbery from you to feed, house and clothe those they claim you will "benefit" from!

So yes, I'm a nationalist.  I do not see color, creed or national origin but I do see and care very much about national identity -- American national identity. We cannot have a "welcome mat" for all out at the same time we have a welfare state as those who come are not coming to be American, with all its good and bad -- they're coming because they can steal and those promoting these policies are not only assisting them you're lending that theft the force of arms.  Those who live in third-world ****holes should resolve their own problems, including deposing or even killing the corrupt leaders of their nations if necessary.  In short it's their nation and their fight -- not ours.  If they don't care enough about their country to fight for it and risk death to change it why do we want that sort of person here?

I do not.  You should not.

We must slam the door on such bullcrap and remove all who are here under such circumstances -- but not citizens.

Allowing that garbage into this nation is how our nation will be destroyed and those promoting said policies are in fact the beneficiaries of or actual tyrants themselves.  Only those willing to fight for what is America can be welcomed here, and that fight begins with them being self-sufficient, or being sponsored by someone who is 100% and being able to prove it before they're admitted.

If the flag goes up here I want people in this nation who will respond appropriately.  The 2nd Amendment exists for exactly this reason -- to depose tyrants, whether they intend to steal just some or all in the name of some modern "scold" who demand we give up property or even life in favor of those who refuse to put their own ass on the line for their own national identity.

Freedom is never more than one bad mistake away from disappearing.  We've eroded so much of what made this nation unique that I'm not even sure we can claim to be America any more.  But I do know for certain is that importing people by the thousands or millions who have no sense of national pride sufficient to take back their own country and their own land from a bunch of jackbooted thugs -- who will not write that blank check payable to their country -- does not comport with the individuals who created this nation and kept it strong.  Indeed, every such person is one who has demonstrated through their own individual actions that when the crap gets thick and gooey they'll turn tail and run, expecting someone else to clean up trash they helped create and throw all over their own land.

That's national suicide folks, and those who demand I consent to it are racists.

They demand special privileges for those of other races, colors, creeds and national origins they will not permit for those who were born here, in America.

They demand that I, as a taxpayer, provide for those of specified races, colors, creeds and national origins, and seek to enforce that demand at the point of a gun.

That's the definition of racism and they're the racists -- every last one of them.  It's time those of us who call ourselves American immediately proclaim same and turn our heads as soon as we encounter any such scold, whether in public or private life, destroying them through every lawful means because if we don't we'll soon find ourselves needing to use highly unlawful means next.


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