Oh Blow It Out Your Ass Delta
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2019-11-02 17:35 by Karl Denninger
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Oh Blow It Out Your Ass Delta
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The stupid, it burns....

Delta Air Lines will show unedited versions of “Booksmart” and “Rocketman” in its in-flight film offerings after critics called out the airline for censoring sexuality, including same-sex love, in previously deleted scenes.

The company said in a statement Thursday that it did not ask for any “homosexual content” to be removed from the films.

“We value our in-flight entertainment options as a means to reflect the diversity of the world,” the company said. “We are reviewing the processes of our third-party editing vendors to ensure that they are aligned with our values of diversity and inclusion.”

Take your diversity and shove it up your ass, pigs.

In case you don't realize it on an airplane there is no choice but to be exposed to whatever video is in the cabin if on a "central" screen, or what your seatmate watches if on a seatback one.

I don't give a flying **** what is exhibited in a theater; I have to buy a ticket and walk in to see it, and thus I get to choose and I also get to choose for my children, if I have any.

Literally forever aircraft movies have been edited "for content" for this very reason; by definition they are "in your face" whether you want to watch them or not.  Typically the airlines have you buy headsets to hear the audio but the video is visible whether you want it to be or not and you have no choice to "opt out."

Rocketman, specifically, is rated "R".  As in not appropriate for children. It's not just sex either -- it's also language and the drugs.  They won't let someone under age into a theater without a parent present who buys the ticket and sits with them.  How is it reasonable to force someone to watch that which they don't want to?  Likewise, Booksmart is also rated "R", for the same reasons (drug use, drinking, sexual content and language, and since we're talking about issues with kids and parental choice, all of the above involve teens.)

I used to fly a lot before 9/11, particularly when I was doing contract work and then when running MCSNet.  There were myriad films shown during those flights that had various scenes of sex and violence edited out.  If I wanted to see them with those scenes I can do it on the ground where everyone watching is at least a willing participant, not confined to a tin can where it's in your face whether you want it to be or not.

Pander to the 3% all you want Delta but you've done it at the expense of my ever flying on your airline again.

And by the way, I'm not offended by "Rocketman" in the least (I haven't seen "Booksmart".)  I wasn't that impressed with Rocketman as it wasn't what I was expecting in terms of how it was written and focused, but that's ok.  However, that I don't give a damn one way or another about Elton's homosexuality (and other behavior) as displayed on screen doesn't mean that others share my views in this regard or that I should be able to force them to sit through the screening of same.

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