Trudeau Wins
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2019-10-22 11:12 by Karl Denninger
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Trudeau Wins
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Isn't it interesting how Faux Snooz is spending essentially zero ink on one of our neighbor's electoral wins?

Justin Trudeau has won a second term as Canada’s prime minister after the country’s federal election, but his narrow victory means he will lead a minority government that will be forced to depend on other parties to govern.

He won, but not with a majority of the legislature; last count I saw was that he was 14 short, which means he will need support of some of the other blocks to maintain effective control.

Let's remember that the campaign featured him being "outed" as a rich white dude in blackface at a previous point in his life, highlighting the rank hypocrisy of virtually all the so-called "woke" progressives.  How many times have we seen that movie here in the United States?  Warren anyone, and her claim of "Native American" heritage that was flat-out bull****?  Or Biden and his claims of humility (ha!) while his family globe-trots around gaining funds for doing nothing - well, nothing legal anyway.  Of course there's no proof anything illegal was going on but would you pay $50,000+ a month to have someone on your board who had as their highest and best calling to that point being thrown out of the military due to a positive cocaine drug test?

Not that coalition governments are impossible -- especially when you have left-of-center political groups in a Parliament with whom you can cooperate, which Trudeau will enjoy.

The real story of the Canadian election, however, isn't Trudeau at all.  It's that Canada, like the United States, has a deep divide that has only gotten worse in the last few years.  There were zero liberal party wins in the western prairie parts of the nation.  Zero.

Incidentally Alberta is actually talking about secession.  Who knows how real that is, but Canada is heavily dependent on energy (duh; being a nation that is frozen solid a good part of the year will do that) and it is resource-rich.  Trudeau and his leftist cronies are all "kill carbon" nutters.  One wonders how long the leftists would remain alive were the natural gas and oil producers to secede and turn off the tap.

All this "woke" crap, along with the utter hatred of carbon, is idiotic.  The Western World has done more to clean up the environment in the last 30 or so years than any group of people in history, and we didn't do it while "getting off carbon."  Just a few days ago I was getting ready to run a 5k when a dude with an old car that had a transplanted engine sticking up (no hood; it didn't fit) came idling by.  I was instantly reminded of what every car used to be smell like as it passed.

Hell, today it's actually difficult to kill yourself with your own car exhaust -- 30+ years ago it not only was easy it happened by accident all the time in the winter when someone got stuck in the snow in a remote area.

Good luck Trudeau -- you're gonna need it.

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