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2019-10-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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America Is Gone
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Let's face it -- since WWII we've become so pussified and terrified of telling someone the truth, facing facts and dealing with them, that what made America worthwhile in the first place no longer exists.

Example: A biological male won a woman's cycling championship.  His claim is that if you disagree with letting him take his superior strength, bone density and aerobic capacity, all of which are a function of genetics that he was endowed with at the moment of conception and cannot change, into a woman's competition where every single other competitor who was endowed with female genetics is at a profound disadvantage -- you're a bigot.

The truth is that this man is a fraud.  He might have been confused or just unhappy with being born male but now he's turned this "unhappiness" into an outrageously fraudulent display of hubris and you, along with the rest of the civilized world have let him craft a grievance industry around same.  If you're an actual parent of an actual girl and you let this sit without putting a stop to this crap by whatever means are necessary you're not a parent, you're a piece of **** who has zero respect for your actual biologically female offspring.

We are told we're "islamaphobic" if we don't kowtow to whatever sort of "religious teachings" said alleged "religion" foists off on people.  That includes subjugation of women, forcing them to wear burkas and have their clitoris cut off so as to destroy their ability to enjoy sexual intercourse.  Once again we in the United States let a handful of scolds tell us that opposing that makes us bigots!  REALLY?  If I believe that my daughter has every right to wear whatever the hell she wants for clothing and has the right to keep her clitoris so she can enjoy sex as an adult I'm the bigot?

How about Elijah Cummings?  His widow is rumored to be running for his seat.  How convenient given that she's implicated in a nasty self-dealing scam between a for-profit and not-for-profit that are both under her control.  That sort of crap is illegal.  How much money for Elijah's district was siphoned off while he was in office?  Who the hell knows but this much is clear: His district is a ****hole and he presided over it, as did his wife, never mind that the guy couldn't keep his dick in his pants -- he was both divorced from his first wife and had children by two other women besides.  Gee, this is someone we should lionize?  Never mind ACORN, which he was a strong supporter of. Well, we did exactly that -- the media and politicians damn near canonized that dead son-of-a-bitch.  Where are your ****ing pitchforks America?

Then there's the screamfest over the Kurds.  Which Kurds?  Oh, you didn't realize that's not a simple description of a people?  Well then you're ****ing stupid.  One of those factions over in that part of the world, the PKK or Kurdistan Worker's Party is a formally-designated terrorist group by the United States.  Now are the Syrian Kurds aligned with these folks?  That's more difficult to say with certainty; there's some evidence for it.  This much is certain -- Kurds have wanted an independent state and have been fighting for same; the closest they have managed to get was the northern part of Iraq.  The PKK, however, is flat-out Marxist and has been fighting an insurgency battle since the 1980s!  Oh by the way, there is evidence that they have participated in training and are backing Antifa in the United States!

The Chinese have said "no one will be able to stop the course of China's annexation of Taiwan."  What comes after that?  Remember, China has built it's entire economy and military on theft, fraud and abuse of everyone world-wide -- including  its own citizens.  They clearly don't give a flying **** about what they have to do to win.  Are we willing to do whatever we have to do to win?  Because if we're not we're going to ****ing lose, and "lose" means living under a totalitarian, Communist government that kills anyone it doesn't like -- sometimes after it harvests your organs!

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor we as a nation decided we were going to do whatever we had to in order to win.  There was nothing left off the table -- including interning Japanese-Americans.  Why?  Because they were considered a risk in two forms -- first, that there might well be Japanese agents among them.  Second, if the war went poorly, and I remind you that it did originally go very poorly for us, including the fall of the Philippines, the people here in this nation likely would have gone hunting with their IFF consisting of visual identification of Asian facial features, creating an instant civil disaster.  Both of those concerns were valid.  Was what we did "fair"?  War, if you really mean it and are fighting for your nation's survival, is not fair.  The problem with being "fair" when it comes to war is that the other side, if it chooses to fight to win irrespective of what it has to do in order accomplish that will win and you will lose.

The same sort of "not-fair" activity has repeatedly been part and parcel of war when you mean it.  We (meaning the Allies) firebombed Dresden, almost completely destroying the city -- a civilian target, killing some 100,000 people nearly all of whom were not warriors.  Did it matter to the war effort?  It sure as Hell did; the entire ****ing point of war is that you fight until the other side either sues for peace or they're all dead!

Getting them to sue for peace often means doing things that are very much unfair.

We nuked two cities in Japan, if you remember, and it took two before they sued for peace; the first one apparently didn't make it clear to them that we had more than one and were willing to use as many of them as it took for them to decide to respond with "ok, ******n it, WE GIVE UP!"

Was that "unfair" or "wrong"?  If you were one of the people who got canned sunshine in your face I'm sure you think so.  How about those people who didn't wind up speaking Japanese and living under the Emperor, or who were Japanese but didn't die attempting to defend against a brutal ground assault that would have likely been necessary had we not tossed eggs on top of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Now witness what we have going on right here, right now.  China, for one, has declared that it will take whatever it wants.  It is literally building islands out of whole cloth and claiming them and the sea around them as Chinese territory, never mind Hong Kong and Taiwan.  What it wants may seem "reasonable" today and not so much tomorrow.  When do we decide to say "No"?  Before or after our cities are reduced to radiation-filled craters and ash?

If crap goes sideways with China are all those Chinese "Americans" here going to side with America or China?  How many of those so-called "wonderful people" have we already caught stealing from our companies, universities and government on behalf of "Mother China?"  Many.  Then there's Bill Clinton, who's campaign took actual money from China -- a rank violation of the law and, given the context now apparent along with their "foundation, dare we call both he and Hillary treasonous?  Never mind "birth tourism" scams to garner permanent citizenship on a generational basis. How ****ing stupid are we America?  WE MUST SLAM THE DAMN DOOR ON CHINA'S FINGERS RIGHT NOW.  **** APPLE, NIKE AND THE REST WHO PUT THEIR "STUFF" OVER THERE; THAT'S THEIR PROBLEM FOR INTENTIONALLY BUTT****ING THEMSELVES ALL IN SEARCH OF A DOLLAR FROM A BUNCH OF ******NED COMMUNISTS.

How about our "friend" Mexico to the south?  They have a narco-terrorist state embedded within them armed with mounted machine guns, RPGs and other military hardware, some of it of American origin.  Don't want a wall and don't want to put our military on the border, eh?  Think we should have "free trade" with these "fine folks?"  What's your opinion going to be when those narco-terrorists realize that the border cops here (never mind the local police forces) are less well armed than the police in Mexico and those mounted machine guns are used to guard both human smuggling and drugs right through our border and into our cities?  Impossible?  Not in the least.  Would you prefer to say NO now and mean it or would you like to attempt to say "No" when the Narco-Jeep with the mounted .50 cal on it is in San DiegoEl Paso or Tucson blasting away at your wife?  Which side do you think all those illegal Mexicans, say much less the various MS-13 and related gangs are going to take when that Jeep is in the streets of an American city?  Want a war with 20 million illegal jackasses spread all through America, many of them armed to the teeth?  SCREW GM, VW AND THE REST OF THE PROFITEERS; SLAM THE ******N DOOR NOW AND THROW ALL THE ILLEGALS OUT!  ONCE AGAIN THAT COMPANIES HAVE DONE STUPID, SUICIDAL THINGS IS NOT EVERYONE ELSE'S PROBLEM.

How many Islamic terrorists are "sleeping" in the US right here and now?  How many narco-terrorists?  Want to bet its zero?  Well that's what you're doing with your PC globalist bull**** and if you lose the bet you will not like how it turns out especially with it being dirt trivial for anyone with a modicum of intelligence and a couple of 2/3rds critical mass pieces of enriched Uranium to bring literal hellfire to any US city without warning.  Yeah it won't be a "very big" boom but a nuclear boom it indeed will be.  It's not like we've had a bunch of so-called "Americans" try to fly out of Minneapolis to join ISIS in the last few years, right?  Oh wait.....

Remember the most-important thing about "political" conflicts that devolve into shooting:

At best "lose" means you're forced to withdraw and all the people who your bull**** got killed died for nothing.

At worst "lose" means literally losing your entire socio-political system and civil society.

For this reason I have long argued that we have exactly zero right to pull any manner of bull**** when it comes "regime change" or similar nonsense outside the borders of the United States.

At the same time we must have a defensible border that can be and is hardened against both persons and items so we know what and who is coming into this nation and for what purpose.


Further there must be no such thing as "free trade" with nations that by their demonstrated actions are either thugs or are corrupt and inefficient enough that they may as well be thugs at the state level.  This includes but is certainly not limited in today's world to Mexico and China.

When it comes to religious terrorism where you have literal nutjobs who believe they have the right of "God" behind them it needs to be made abundantly clear to said people: If you wish to fight among yourselves over there, and do not harm Americans or our property have at it.  The instant you turn any of that bullcrap on the United States, whether it be our people or property the first time you to do it we will level your magical obelisk in the desert, and if you do it again we'll take the other one out too, rendering the land that they both previously sat on uninhabitable for 10,000 years.  I remind you that the current set of crazies pulling this crap have been killing and enslaving people in the name of "God" for more than 1,000 years.

No, that's not "nice" or "fair" and we'll burn up a ****load of civilians, many of them who aren't nutjobs if we have to do it.  That sucks and we shall recognize it sucks but it is what it is and those who aren't crazy damn well ought to get the Hell out of there while they still can rather than voluntarily taking the risk of becoming very-well-done BBQ.

War -- actual war -- is neither nice or fair and if someone declares war on us through their deeds we must make clear that we will **** their world; we will be neither fair or reasonable.  There is only winning or losing when it comes to war and if you're not willing to do whatever you must in order to actually win then there is only losing -- whether it's throwing away both lives and material for no gain whatsoever, or literal loss of everything you are and stand for.

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