Shut The Mexican Border NOW
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2019-10-19 10:33 by Karl Denninger
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Shut The Mexican Border NOW
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Mexico’s botched effort to capture one of infamous druglord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán’s sons was the result of an arrest warrant from the U.S., according to a report.

Wild gun battles Thursday in the northern city of Culiacan – the capital of Mexico’s Sinaloa state -- led to Ovidio Guzman Lopez’s release from custody and the deaths of 8 people. The gunfire also left more than 20 people wounded.

I saw multiple news reports of this including sufficiently-clear images of some of the weapons the narco-traffickers were using.

They were American military firearms.  Machine guns.  Now granted -- there was a good "mixture" of hardware out there, but some was unmistakably of American origin.

How did these cockroaches get them?  Military weaponry is not for sale to the civilian marketplace, so these were not smuggled over the Mexican border by "civilian" straw purchases or similar.

The Mexican government is obviously incapable of executing an arrest warrant that they deemed valid.  Yes, we issued said warrant but Mexico domesticated it and gave it validity in their nation.  Then they not only failed to execute said warrant they folded to narcotics traffickers.

It is time to give Mexico an ultimatum: Choose trade with the United States or Narcotrafficking.  You cannot have both.

Further, it is time for the US Government to run down how those weapons got into the hands of these people.  I remind you that some of them included mounted machine guns.

Finally, since it is obvious that criminals can and do acquire and have mounted (heavy) machine guns, along with myriad "small arms" that are also machine guns, it is time for the American people to demand that the 2nd Amendment be fully restored and all contrary laws, including the NFA, be repealed immediately.

If we cannot keep even our military weaponry out of the hands of narcotics traffickers then we the people need to be able to buy the same weapons on the open market so we at least have a fair fight when, not if, they decide to try to use them here.

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