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2019-10-16 07:25 by Karl Denninger
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Oh, they reported this?

In "Why Meadow Died: The People and Policies That Created The Parkland Shooter and Endanger America's Students," Pollack discusses his views on gun control, why he blames Democratic policies for his daughter's murder, and precautions that parents can take to ensure the safety of their children.

He speaks the truth.

The Parkland shooter committed at least two incidents of felony assault prior to acquiring his gun.  The clear language of the 2nd Amendment says shall not be infringed.  But -- even under the most-expansive reading of the plain English of the 2nd Amendment, which is incidentally the correct one, you cannot commit a mass-shooting while you are in prison.

And, I remind you, one of those violent assaults for which he was never charged was a gun crime -- he pointed a loaded weapon at someone else without cause, which is felony aggravated assault and under Florida law that is a 10 year, serve-every-day criminal offense.

The mental health industry always argues that very few mentally ill people are violent.  This is true but irrelevant, just as is the fact that most teens and young adults who take SSRIs will not become violent.

But some small percentage of mentally ill people are violent and they tend to fall into two categories -- those who are psychotic and delusional (e.g. they hear "voices" telling them to do certain things) and those who are rage monsters, with the latter often triggered by medication -- specifically SSRIs.

There are virtually no mass-shooters who don't fall into these two categories simply because ordinary murder (e.g. in the course of committing a robbery, in the course of defending drug-dealer turf, etc) is a specifically-targeted offense against an individual person or small group (e.g. a rival gang.)

Mass-murder is almost by definition an offense that has at its root severe mental illness because you have to be nuts -- clinically nuts in a psychiatric context -- to be motivated to kill people en-masse on an indiscriminate basis.

Guns have exactly nothing to do with this and, in the huge majority of such instances the person who commits the offense has already committed multiple criminal felonies for which they could have been imprisoned or has exhibited serious mental illness for which they could have been committed.

In either case while sitting in a mental institution or prison you cannot commit a mass murder.

The left knows this.  The reason they don't care, and refuse to focus on it and getting people who are in either of these categories off the streets, is that their intent is not to stop mass-murder.

Their intent is in fact to commit mass murder; they are functionally and criminally insane in that they believe they have the right to order people to kill you if you disagree with them.  You've seen exactly that out of Beto, Kamala and others -- thus far.

They have stated in public what the left has believed for decades.  Note that not one responsible party on the left (e.g. Nancy Pelosi) said they should be committed to a mental institution for their clear threat to murder millions who disagree with them.  That's because Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AG Shapiro of Pennsylvania and the entire rest of the political left in fact agree with Beto and Kamala.

Never mind this police video -- what does the cop grab for when shot at by a criminal?

The very gun they claim you have no right to possess.

Want to know what you need when someone decides to start shooting at you?  A police officer just showed you exactly what you need in such a circumstance and by doing so he conclusively demonstrated why any law prohibiting you from buying and owning one is FLATLY unconstitutional.

Want to dispute that?  Why did the cop reach for and use that weapon?  He had a pistol -- it apparently was not enough.  If he had a need for a black "evil" rifle when an ordinary criminal shot at him with a pistol why don't you have a need for that very same sort of weapon when an ordinary criminal shoots at you with a pistol?  You die exactly the same way he does if you get shot and you have the same right to equivalent or superior firepower.

As we once again celebrate the drafting of the Constitution let me remind you that the entire reason The Left wants you disarmed is because they intend to shoot at  you and they're very concerned you might be able to effectively shoot back.

And again, Beto said so directly and is even selling T-shirts emphasizing his pointGive up your guns or, if I'm President, I will order members of the government to murder 15 million Americans -- which is approximately how many law-abiding Americans own AR-15s today.  Kamala Harris has also directly threatened to commit mass-murder and she, unlike Beto, is a sitting Senator.

Of course that evil plan won't work out so well if the people he intended to murder were equally matched with those who were going to do the murdering.  That is the entire point of the 2nd Amendment which protects a pre-political right to life --  for this reason the people always have the right to keep and bear firepower approximately equal or even superior to that of those who would murder them, including but not limited to agents of the government.

Yes, I know, the government has nukes, tanks and howitzers.  Do you really think they'd use any of them in a city or, for that matter, on your house?

Don't be stupid and fall for the left's bullcrap.

The left (and right) could support locking up the violent and criminally insane, but both have pointedly refused.  In fact the left explicitly wants those people on the streets committing serious crimes, including******and murder as has been demonstrated by the no fewer than nine criminal illegal invaders who have done exactly that in one county of Maryland over the last couple of months (the last being a******of a six year old) and yet not one effort has been made to remove all of those people from the streets and deport them.

One final time -- it's quite clear folks. The left's intent to disarm the citizens to any degree is for one purpose and one purpose only -- they intend to murder you and they have the tools to do it with too, which makes their threat credible.

What is your response, America?

What it should be is to make clear that (1) the American people demand open unrestricted access to every single weapon or other device that any member of the military or law enforcement deems fit to own and use on American soil, without exception, registration or otherwise, (2) that an immediate and complete rollback of all laws contrary to the 2nd Amendment, which is defined by #1, all the way back to and including the National Firearms Act of 1934, shall occur right here and now under penalty of enforced departure from said political positions and (3) any further attempt to destroy weapons parity between ordinary, law-abiding citizens and both criminals and agents of the government will be taken as a credible and immediate threat to commit mass-murder against Americans by the government and will be responded to exactly as one might expect.

Thugs, no matter their stripe, office or uniform, are never dissuaded from evil acts by mere words; it is only when it is made clear that should said thugs attempt to act on their evil plans they will be met with equal or greater force and lose that deterrence is effective.

You might want to review this from about 18 months ago...

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