This Won't Age Well
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2019-10-15 08:11 by Karl Denninger
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This Won't Age Well
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Oh boy....

The Hunter Biden "rescue attempt" interview is up.

I predict this is going to age very poorly.  One of the better questions: Would you have gotten those jobs if your last name wasn't Biden?

And there goes the bumbling-baby response.... and the more-or-less admission "I don't know, I don't know.... probably not."

That'll be the end of that.

Let's face it folks: That's a rank, first-hand admission that he was paid for connectivity to Joe the Senator and then Vice-President, not for his skill and knowledge of the subject matter(s) at hand.

This goes all the way back to when he was working as a "consultant" for MBNA -- as his father was promoting legislation in 2001, as a Senator, to help the credit card industry and screw consumers Exactly what sort of "consulting" was Hunter doing?

He also claims (again) that he has "never" discussed his business dealings with Joe.  We already know that's a lie because there is photographic proof of him, another Burisma board member and Joe Biden all playing golf!

The entire reason this is a "controversy" is that Hunter has repeatedly traded on his father's name and political stature, and in fact has done so throughout his entire life.

He got what was likely preferential treatment in the service when caught with cocaine in his system.

Such would usually also bar him from having a law license, but not only didn't it originally when he turned in a rental car with a used crack pipe in it that didn't lead to immediate revocation of same either.  For any "ordinary person" it almost-certainly would, since the ethical rules governing attorneys require refraining from conduct disrespectful of the rule of law.  While one could easily argue "youthful indiscretion" (and probably be ok on that grounds) repeated relapses in that regard are another matter entirely.

Oh, and Biden didn't really "leave" said private equity firm either, as was "breathlessly" reported.  He'll just take his "advisory" role on the down low -- and the money that flows from it, I'm sure.

It is precisely this sort of nepotism and corruption that the people of this nation are tired of.

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