Prison, Treason, Destruction: Don't Much Care Which
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2019-10-14 08:57 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 232 references Ignore this thread
Prison, Treason, Destruction: Don't Much Care Which
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Where are the so-called "Attorneys General", State and Federal, and why is it that any cop, or any government employee, should be left alone or able to buy so much as a loaf of bread so long as this bull**** scam continues?

James Schlieper drove five hours from Central Texas to a surgery center across state lines for his hernia surgery — a procedure his catastrophic insurance doesn't pay for. Hospitals back home quoted him cash prices of over $30,000.

Then he went online and found the Surgery Center of Oklahoma's cash price: just over $3,000.

Oh no, I keep hearing -- you wouldn't be able to cut the cost of medical care by 80% if we implemented this bill -- and threw in prison every single person who got in the way of it.


There is no other line of business in the United States where you cannot get a price before you have something done.


There is no other line of work where virtually every single provider in an economic area conspires together to screw you blind.  The "ambulance" that takes you wherever it wants to, without regard to cost or whether your "insurance" is good there.  The hospital that claims to honor your insurance but fails to tell you (which is fraud, by the way), that it's lab work is out of network (10x the price) and that they have doctors roaming the halls who will spend 30 seconds looking at you, with their explicit permission (otherwise it would be trespassing), and who will then send you a bill for $3,000.

If you take your car in because the brakes are making noise and need service the service writer has to give you a price before the car goes on the rack.  It's legitimate to look at it first and give you a best guess -- but they can't turn around and charge you 10x or more what they quoted later, then sue you and even try to steal your house if you refuse to -- or can't -- pay them.

There is no other line of business that retroactively decides what you will pay based on your income or assets, with that amount not determined until after you've had work done that could have a bill of $0, $5,000 -- or $50.000.  That sort of discriminatory horsecrap, imposed after the fact leaving you with no ability to negotiate as the service or goods were already provided, would land the owners of ANY OTHER LINE OF BUSINESS in prison for consumer fraud and extortion.

Schlieper says there's a lesson here: "Why can't we just know what it costs? ...Transparency would be great."

Because you elect people to allegedly enforce the law and what do instead is conspire with these brigands to shove a shotgun up your ass and threaten to blow your brains out the long way unless you submit to their extortionate "health insurance" pricing -- and even if you do pay for that it's a crap-shoot as to whether you're actually covered or not.

This is a gigantic, $3 trillion a year rip-off and, according to 15 USC, Federal Law that has been on the books for more than 100 years, a criminal felony at a grand scale and yet exactly nobody gets charged or goes to prison for it.

Where are your damned pitchforks and torches America, and why aren't you using them?

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