Biden's Disavowal Detonates
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2019-10-01 09:55 by Karl Denninger
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Biden's Disavowal Detonates
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So much for that.

Joe Biden has maintained repeatedly that he "never" discussed his son Hunter's board post on Burisma.

He clearly lied.

A photo has surfaced of Joe Biden golfing with not only Hunter but also Devon Archer, who also was on the board.

In addition while Biden has claimed his demand that Shokin be fired, and who was fired after Biden blackmailed the Ukraine into doing so by illegally threatening to withhold appropriated funds, was made due to Shokin's "corruption" and that the prosecutor was not investigating his son at the time.

But the fired prosecutor has an affidavit circulating, which Rudy Giuliani has, that states -- under oath -- that he was investigating Hunter Biden at the time he was canned and that he was fired because he refused to drop the case.

Oh by the way there is a formal criminal cooperation treaty between the US and Ukraine that predates all of this nonsense; it goes back to Clinton's time in office.  It explicitly not only authorizes it requires that both the US and Ukraine cooperate in criminal matters including arrests, seizures, searches, detentions and similar actions where the action in question would be a crime in the other jurisdiction.  Therefore seeking to enforce same by the US Executive, which Trump did and Pompeo, our Secretary of State, was on the call, is explicitly lawful and authorized by said treaty while Biden's interference with said investigation, which I remind you he has admitted to and bragged about in a CFR speech, was a prohibited act.

It gets worse.

There is also apparent documentation that Hunter's "Chinese-funded" pile of cash he was allowed to manage was put into this hands for the specific purpose of accessing "the networks" that Hunter Biden had.

That is, to quote the document:

The Chinese investment entity with which Hunter Biden had teamed explicitly states the value – “the networks and know-how” – that came with partnering with the Vice President’s son and his partner, Devon Archer.

Uh huh.

Oh, that same Devon Archer that was also on the board of Burisma and whom was golfing with Joe Biden?

Both Rudy and the folks who outed the Chinese connection say there are more documents coming.

Looks like the gig is up for Joe Biden's lies.

Now do you know why Pelosi is hell-bent to "impeach"?

Betcha there are plenty of other Democrat lawmakers who were -- and maybe still are -- in on this crap.

Remember Hillary's alleged screed shortly before the election?  "That SOB better not win or we'll all hang from nooses!"

From her lips to God's ears, please.

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