Amusing: @POTUS Has Suckered Them Again
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2019-09-22 10:52 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 319 references Ignore this thread
Amusing: @POTUS Has Suckered Them Again
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Sleepy Joe might better be monikered insane Joe.

And the "Squad", along with the rest of the contenders, just fell for another Trump sucker play.

You would think that after trying to get him on "Russian Collusion", only to have it demonstrated that there wasn't any, they'd be really careful about running that "Russian" thing again.

You'd be wrong, and this time it appears they stepped right on top of a giant yellowjacket nest.

The breathless media has been pounding Trump "obstructing" some nameless whistleblower who supposedly knows that Trump had some sort of quid-pro-quo phone call with "someone" and dangled benefit (or punishment) for an action to be taken (or not) against someone.

We must impeach!  came the immediate screams.

Except..... it appears there was no quid-pro-quo.

And the so-called "whistle blower" had no actual knowledge as they didn't hear it first-hand -- they were merely reporting what someone said was said.  In other words -- it's 100% bull****.

And if there was a request.... it was that actual, verifiable corruption involving Joe Biden and his influence in getting his son, Hunter, work in the Ukraine while he was vice-President not be investigated -- backed up with what certainly looks like a billion dollar bribe.  And it wasn't Trump who did that -- it was Joe Biden.

His son Hunter managed to obtain a $50,000 per month salary, despite having basically zero in the way of credentials that merited any sort of international professional work.  And Biden allegedly interfered with the government over there looking into it and not only admitted to it he bragged about it.

This isn't new news.  Nor is it new news that in 2016 there was an attempt to get dirt on Trump originating in the Ukraine -- yes, the very same Ukraine that Biden's son was working for.  Oh, and the very same Ukraine that there were utterly enormous financial backers of the Clinton Foundation and, through direct and indirect ties, including George Soros, her super PACs -- totaling more than $16 million.

What did they think they were going to receive in exchange, especially when it came to those super Pac donations?

Never mind the Chinese work Hunter has done -- again, with zero qualifications for any of it.

Now it's broadly illegal for foreigners to "contribute" to American political campaigns.  But the stench of corruption in this matter, specifically pointing directly at Joe Biden and his son, is quite strong.  Hillary lost and is gone, but Joe is not.  He still wants to be President.

Want to talk about election interference?

There's real election interference, that's real and apparently very unlawful abuse of Biden's vice-Presidential office to get a foreign prosecutor fired in exchange for a billion dollars of taxpayer funds and Trump managed to get the DNC and members of Congress to go put the issue back on the front of page of the media.

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