The Dystopian Nightmare That Is NOW
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2019-09-17 10:21 by Karl Denninger
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The Dystopian Nightmare That Is NOW
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You go to WalMart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Michaels, Best Buy or Starbucks -- among others.

All of these apps want your location.  They all say it's to provide better customer service and "deals" to you.

You "consent."

But..... this data, in real time, is sold through a shadowy web of brokers, with the ultimate purchaser being the US Government.

Kamala Harris, a current Senator, says she supports "mandatory" gun buybacks.  So does Beto.  Both have pledged to take your weapons from you.

By force.

So the government, with the aim of enabling exactly that, has done the obvious.  It stores and looks at data in real time from those apps along with the cameras on every light pole in America and determines when and if you go to a gun range with more than a 25 yard maximum distance -- that is, one that supports rifle fire.

You get added to the list of "those" people.

And at 3:00 AM one dark, moon-less night, your door is kicked in, right after a tear gas grenade is lobbed through your bedroom window with those doing the kicking-in wearing night-vision goggles, sporting rifles with NV-enabled red dot sights.

It's not a band of thugs looking to rob you.

It's the government.

They shoot anything that moves.

That means you.

Think this is some dystopian novel?  Nope.  It's what the government is likely doing right now with these apps and their data.  Between Amazon, credit card companies and all those cameras everywhere, including cheap automatic license plate scanners and facial recognition, which Amazon incidentally has a nice little "subsidiary" marketing right now, never mind Facesucker's parallel technology the capability to do this is here, now and today, this capability is already in place.

You let it happen and you "shared" all that information.

The government was caught, I remind you, illegally collecting, collating, retaining and searching this information.  Repeatedly.  The claimed "authorization" to do so was not revoked by Congress, the agencies doing it were not shut down, the people doing it were not imprisoned and you didn't insist that it not only stop but that all collected information and every facility that holds it be razed to flat earth and the remains be burnt to a crisp.  Nope, you read the stories, you saw the reporting and you shrugged and opened Facebook on your phone, adding to the treasure trove.

This data, once collected, never goes away.  It can be retrospectively analyzed on demand at any time, now or in the future.  There's not jack and crap you can do about it so long as those databases exist and so long as the government lets these firms collect and exploit that information.

All it takes is for the people making the threat to murder 15 million or more Americans to decide that "now" is the time to actually commit those mass-murders.

I'm sure you think I'm kidding -- or that this is some histrionic screed of a madman.


I know what these systems can do today.  I know what data is collected, and from where.  I know what the government has quietly done with interconnecting all the law enforcement agencies -- that work was done more than a decade ago and is complete.  The push to do this started in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but it was impractical then due to the cost of storage and processing power.  Now both are so cheap that anyone with a spare few thousand dollars can take any extract of that data stream and analyze it retrospectively.  Right here and now, today, your local government officials can trivially know that you purchased five beers in two hours time and exactly where you are at this moment, sending out the roving local cop to arrest you for intended DUI as soon as you unlock your car door.  They'll be right 90+% of the time and it will all be done for the good of society.  If you're diabetic and insulin-dependent the government knows this and how to kill you in days whenever it wants.  On dialysis?  Same deal.  Have any other chronic disease?  They know, and they know how to make it hurt -- a lot -- or even murder you on demand.  The government has been quietly taking advantage of these technological advancements all the while willingly ignoring the gang-bangers against whom they could have used this technology 10 years ago.  Why ignore the gang-bangers?  The government likes those shootings -- over 10,000 of them a year, hundreds in places like Chicago alone -- because they both create a crisis atmosphere and if they were to deploy and use these techniques to put a stop to it, or the 9 rapes thus far in one county in Maryland, the fact that this capability exists and is online right here, right now, today would get into the public consciousness -- and you might figure out their intended "final solution" and revolt before they can put it in motion.

Never mind that it's all "those people" both doing the shooting and getting shot in Chicago -- you know, folks with brown and black skin.  Now that's racist -- but again, you don't care.

At the same time this same government and private web of information could trivially permit every single politician, lawyer or corporate maven who screwed a girl courtesy of Epstein to be in the dock right here, right now.  They have irrefutable proof of those crimes.  I'm absolutely certain of it.  But if they lock up those people they can't tell them that they must vote for this or that bill, or make available that "extra" network port at the company's headquarters and tell nobody where it goes -- or else the video of them screwing that 14 year old will show up at the editorial desk of the Washington Post.

These thugs in our government have been testing the waters on executing this outrageously evil, Satanic scheme for quite some time.  Now the "tests" have escalated to outright threats of mass-murder on a scale greater than the Holocaust; both Beto and Kamala have made exactly that threat, in public and both are contending for the office of President where they could give such an order.  They made their threat and the American public did not immediately demand they cease, desist and exit any position of power, permanently.

So having run their tests on an ever-escalating basis and having watched them succeed without a single demand to stop it they now lie in wait for the appropriate time to execute on their intended mass-murder spree.  When you're crazy enough to allow someone like Kamala Harris -- who has now openly threatened to execute on that -- to become the "face" of America it will be that time.

If you let this go on, if you do not put a stop to it and force it to be disclosed, dismantled and those running this tripe tossed out of office and even imprisoned -- you will die.

Mark my words sheep.  That's not a pair of shears in the shepherd's hand.

It's a machine gun.

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