The Smears Continue
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2019-09-15 09:02 by Karl Denninger
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The Smears Continue
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Oh c'mon folks....

The new Times story gives the account of a male Yale classmate of Kavanaugh named Max Stier, who alleges that Kavanaugh, at the urging of some friends, performed an obscene act while mistreating a woman at a party.

The Times reported Saturday that Stier told the FBI about the alleged incident during Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process but the FBI did not investigate further.

The reason they didn't investigate further is that it never happened.

The alleged "victim" has said she has no memory of the incident.  While it wasn't of a "forcible rape" sort it was, as described, certainly disgusting and the person who it was allegedly done to wasn't blind-drunk at the time either. If I had something like this done to me at some party I would have remembered it 40 years later -- easily.

Oh, and read this -- it makes clear why the FBI didn't run this down.  There is nobody who could provide first-hand corroboration of this claim.  Not one person yet there were allegedly a whole bunch of people at this alleged party.

We already did this smear job during the confirmation hearings.  Now the NY Times and the leftwing hacks who know damn well Ginsburg is about to go take the eternal dirtnap are dredging back up the same bullcrap that was run before and failed to try to stack the outcome of Supreme Court decisions.

If you want to know what sort of baseless garbage half the freaking nation is willing to engage in and what that means when things get dicey in a few years from all the deficit spending colliding with reality you're seeing it right now.  These people will commit others -- millions of others -- to die right here, in this nation.

They would be willing to provoke some other nation or group of terrorist into nuking Americans to get their way.

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