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User Info Greta: No We Don't; entered at 2019-08-12 19:00:20
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Zenmaster wrote..
I noticed that Ms. Thunberg had decided to "walk her talk" by crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat and not a plane. Then I saw pictures of the sailboat she intends to use.

All I can say is, good luck with that.

Agreed, good luck with that trip for sure. I bet young Ms.Thunberg is about to get one hell of an eye-opening experience. She having never set foot on a sailboat before and about to make at 14 day (if lucky) trip across the Atlantic in an "extreme" sailbot, I sure hope she has some powerful long-lasting motion sickness meds at least.
From German wiki on the boat wrote..
The Malizia II offers little comfort on board as a regatta yacht. There are only two pipe berths , no toilet and no pantry . If the ship is faster than 15 knots (and they will run up to 25 knots), the noise below the deck becomes deafening.
German atricle wrote..
Although Herrmann wants to give his passengers a small area of their own using curtains, it is so stuffy, cramped and hot under deck that every breeze brings welcome cooling.

And then there is the matter of the daily need. A toilet is missing. A plastic bucket must suffice. On top of that sits who, must, in the open air, under the sheltered roof of the cockpit, while the sailors are kind enough to pass the time under deck with closed bulkhead and constantly pour torrents over the Sllbord in the open cockpit. You crouch there, clawing at any object with your hands and praying to get ready quickly.

Besides, you squeeze yourself here and there. Or pour boiling water over your fingers to pour it into a bag of freeze-dried food. And all the while, the yacht's carbon case makes frightening noises, as if something were cracking or the ocean hammering against the thin shell with a club.

That's how it feels, the combination of CO2-free and fast.

Having been a Licensed Ferryboat pilot (river) ages ago, that sounds like a very un-fun trip to me. I wish they could/would set up a 24x7 live-stream so we could see what really happens, because I'm sure the canned footage they produce at the end will be all "happy happy joy joy, everyone should travel CO2 free."

2019-08-12 19:00:20