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User Info Trump Has Done NOTHING - AGAIN; entered at 2019-08-12 13:56:13
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I've also witnessed the destruction, having worked for a number of name-brand tech companies. However, I also have anecdotes that show Trump is making a difference.

My neighbor, here on a green card, graduated from college and started working a tech job. After less than a year he had to leave because his green card wasn't being renewed. F*** the SJW local school district that hired him in the first place.

I've also heard H1B renewals have been very hard to get. True? I have no idea.

Trump needs to know about this fake study that justifies the lies repeated everywhere about how there is a shortage of local talent. He could reverse much of this with an executive order. Of course, either way in 5 years he will be gone and Americans will be in last place again.
2019-08-12 13:56:13