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User Info Trump Has Done NOTHING - AGAIN; entered at 2019-08-12 13:11:50
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@Tdurden -- I don't know. All outside views appear to say that you're right, they are one bad move (or one mis-read move, or one computer error) from crossing arcs in the sky and, given the short travel time, once it starts it's going to a smoking mess in minutes.

I've always considered that region to be the highest risk, simply because they've always hated each other, they've both got 'em, and it only takes one ******* between the two of them to go off the reservation for it to be "Game On." While we ALLEGEDLY (and I presume the Soviets too) have protocols that are SUPPOSED to prevent that possibility the facts remain that on more than one occasion nukes HAVE been transported in THIS nation without proper authorization and paperwork. That's supposed to be impossible BUT IT HAS HAPPENED. That's ONE dickwad event away from someone USING one and when the place you would want to use them is that close the danger is obvious.

But you and I are both applying western views to this. I'm not sure if those are the correct views... but if so, well..... yeah, odds are high the ****storm cometh.
2019-08-12 13:11:50