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User Info Get Your Mouth Off His Schwantz; entered at 2019-07-27 13:32:13
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Thanks Karl. Very well presented.

Trump obviously knows all this. We all saw how the sweeping health care reforms were hidden after the election. He's playing a delicate game of introducing them slowly and taking on the legal challenges. We have smiling deceivers like Rand Paul pretending to be his father, while trying to exempt health care from antitrust laws.

It's easy to imagine what would happen to a public figure who proposes a 25% budget cut. 20% of the economy is health care workers. A few of them would agree with you, but almost 20% of voters would hate you. Most minorities are on welfare, so the media instantly brands you as a racist. Trying to get your message out on social media gets you shadow banned at minimum.

Nobody is going to take this on before an election. Even after the election it's almost impossible because of the screaming you'd get from congressmen and senators up for re-election in 2 years.
2019-07-27 13:32:13