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User Info Climate Lies: These People Must Be Removed; entered at 2019-07-24 16:09:30
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Not a problem at all @Thethinman -- there are two "sort of" abiotic theories; one is that there's a thermal/chemical process in the earth's crust, and then the second that postulates renewable bacterial action (e.g. driven by some source in the planet's core.)

There are problems with both, but especially with the second. For example the early period of the planet's history during which the prevailing theory on oil was allegedly being formed there were few or no microbes consuming trees and other vegetative matter that fell. Over the geologic timeframe involved those microbes showed up and we know this because in places where it DIDN'T get turned into oil (it was not in a zone where it was wound up under another plate, etc and thus was not subjected to sufficient heat and pressure to do so) we've found both a different deposition rate (MARKEDLY different) and also the LACK of said evidence of that activity, both direct and indirect, in the earlier deposited layers (which per unit of time were MUCH thicker.)

Incidentally it appears that microbial and bacterial activity may be responsible for the effective cessation of hydrocarbon formation -- simply put it basically all decayed, subsequent to those bacterial and microbes showing up, before it could become buried and get compressed.

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