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User Info Climate Lies: These People Must Be Removed; entered at 2019-07-24 14:39:21
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@Thethinman -
His book, proposes that below the surface of the earth is a biosphere of heat-loving bacteria that survive on a diet consisting solely of hydrocarbons.

Ok, where are the bacteria -- living or dead? They should be in the oil that has been extracted, and today's technology makes extracting them and sequencing their DNA very possible.

So where are they?

Incidentally methane is rather different than complex hydrocarbons (oil) in terms of the requirements to form it. Methane is a very simple molecule (CH4) and requires only energy input and the two elements in the absence of preferred chemical binding opportunities (e.g. oxygen.) Ethane (C2H6) is, once again, a very simple molecule.

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