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User Info Climate Lies: These People Must Be Removed; entered at 2019-07-24 14:30:08
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"The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels" 1st ed. 1999

by Thomas Gold, who was a Austrian-born astrophysicist and professor of astronomy at Cornell University

His book, proposes that below the surface of the earth is a biosphere of heat-loving bacteria that survive on a diet consisting solely of hydrocarbons. Such as the bacteria that live in the ocean volcanic vents The book advances idea that most hydrocarbons on Earth are not the byproduct of biological debris ("fossil fuels"), but were a common constituent of the materials from which the earth itself was formed. Example is Saturn's largest moon, Titan, that has lakes of liquid ethane and methane.

2019-07-24 14:30:08