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User Info Climate Lies: These People Must Be Removed; entered at 2019-07-24 11:31:35
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Registered: 2012-08-02
What we need is a definitive illustration of how insane the proposed "green" energy mantra is from solar to wind to battery cars.

Give them exactly what they want in a trial run.

Therefore I propose the following "clue x 4" illustration to wake people up.

This will of course needs carried out during peak demand season so should probably be carried out twice for absolute verification. smiley

Since the vast majority of this nations citizenry have either failed basic mathematics and physics courses, we are offering this limited time "free" yet compulsory class that everyone must participate in.

It will be carried out during peak cooling season like during the recent DC /NY heat wave and again during the next anticipated polar vortex season.

For a period of one month all carbon based energy sources will be halted in their entirety. No coal, NG, or nuclear (may as well blast the anti Thorium NIMBY's too) power will be generated. The only source of electrical power will only come from solar and wind "green" energy sources. In addition all hydrocarbon fuels for transportation, traveling and airline travel will be suspended in their entirety for one month.

There will be no exceptions allowed and no early cessation of this "learning experience". We will go ZERO carbon energy for 1 month.

At the end of this one month period we will begin a serious and fact based rational discussion on a national scale of what sort of energy grid we would like to have as a nation. Do we want abundant hydrocarbons that make life relatively simple and convenient nearly all of the time ? or Do we want an erratic bare subsistence diet of intermittent power that is undependable and makes life miserable and less convenient all of the time ?

It will take something as illustrative as this to drive the point home that "green" energy can never supply "on demand" peak power for the nation.

One significant advantage would be while everyone is struggling to find food and not freeze or bake to death there would be significantly less time available to be allocated to SJW'ing as basic survival would be at the top of everyone's priority list.

Do I need to even add the SARCASM tag ?

Some refuse to understand reality in any form and even a clue X 4 would not be enough to convince them otherwise.

2019-07-24 11:31:35