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2019-07-06 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 458 references Ignore this thread
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A number of years ago -- roughly eight years ago now -- I decided to take a crack at what I had been told, both by medical professionals and everyone in the media and government, was an intractable and inevitable series of events.

Like most middle-aged men my waistline was expanding as was my body mass.  It was only a few pounds a year that were going on my body mass but over the space of 20 or 30 years it adds up, and the rate was slowly accelerating.  At the time  I was over 200lbs; all one-way  If I exercised at a vigorous and repeated level I could drop about 10lbs, but as soon as I backed off it came right back -- and usually more than went off.  This was a repeated cycle.

I had heard about ketogenic diets but, of course, they were said to be "terrible" for you.  A quick look at the literature and similar all said I'd die if I ate that way -- from kidney failure to heart attack or stroke, you name it, the literature and "professionals" all advised against it in stern, "you're screwed if you do this" sort of language.  Further, every person I spoke with, medical or sports professional or otherwise, said you can't perform athletically while eating this way; indeed, there's an entire damned industry pushing various sugar-laden "performance" foods and beverages, including those specifically intended for on-course, during-competition use.

However, a more-detailed look at the human species found that in point of fact this is pretty-much how humans all used to eat -- out of necessity -- before commercial agriculture came on the scene.

The exception were true peasants; those living in a land where there were feudal lords and similar conditions, under which there was simply no choice beyond eating rice or potatoes other than to starve.  There high-carb but low-volume was the rule rather than the exception and it wasn't voluntary.

I figured a couple of months wouldn't kill me.

A couple of months later, I liked what I saw -- and felt.  So I kept at it.

At six months I was truly impressed and had to toss all of my existing clothes because they looked like refrigerator boxes when I attempted to wear them.

Two months later, or eight in total, this was the difference:


About a month ago this was taken while I was running the Lilac 10k on Mackinaw Island.  Has anything material changed in terms of my body mass and composition in the last roughly eight years?


Remember, I was gaining five to ten pounds a year every year before I undertook this path.  Now, eight years later, I'm pretty darn close to where I was on Thanksgiving of 2011!

I'm not dead.  My blood sugar level is normal.  I wear the same size waist pants now as then, and the same size T-shirt too (medium.)  In early 2011 before I began I used to wear pants six inches larger in the waist and two full sizes larger in a T-shirt.  My time in that race about a month ago was 49:21, a 7:57 official pace, which I considered crappy and it was as there was a MONSTER hill on that course that flat-out tried to kill you -- but the time was good enough to be third in my age division and 68th overall -- out of a field of 736 runners and 18th out of 136 among men 40+.  In other words in the top 20% of all men who ran that day and the top 13% of those over 40.  I'm faster now as a runner, at 55, than I was when I was 17 in High School.  My VO2Max is 49; Garmin rates me as having the fitness age of an excellent 20 year old.  Athlinks, a site that aggregates running generally, says I'm in the top 13% of those (I'm assuming it's sex-specific, so that's men) it has results for.

All the terrible things I was told would happen didn't and all of the good things I was told wouldn't happen did.

I'm not alone.

In fact, I'm not even close to an outlier.

After 150,000 days of actual patient care of Type 2 diabetics eating this way, of which I never was -- that is two years in there have been no bad outcomes that could be attributed to eating a ketogenic diet.

There were instead massive, documented and objective improvements on virtually every metric and by virtually every individual who followed this path.  The cost of this course of action is not only literally zero doing so reduces the amount of money such a person spends on medical care for that condition by an enormous amount, in some cases by almost-literally 100%.

As I pointed out more than a year ago we could take $400 billion a year off Federal spending alone by simply mandating that this be the "standard of care" for people with diabetes and that for those who refuse no other care will be provided by any third party, whether government or otherwise.  This would literally put thousands of doctors and hundreds of hospitals, along with hundreds of thousands of administrative employees out of business for lack of work, save the taxpayer four hundred billion dollars a yeargreatly help the state and local pension fund problems and by cutting the deficit spending nearly in half also improve everyone's standard of living in the country due to reduction in monetary inflation.

At the same time we'd massively improve individual health among those who have this condition.

There is exactly one group of people who are and would be opposed and who have thus far prevented that change from being made: Those in the medical industry, from insurance executives to doctors to pharmaceutical firms to hospitals who both kill you and charge you $400 billion a year to do so.

These people not only are literally killing you with bad advice and drugs they're financially raping everyone in the nation at the same time -- all through a litany of lies.

Instead of resolving this problem we have the entire Democrat party and every individual in that party running for President next year promising free health care for illegal invaders along with turning "all the health care you want that kills you painfully and slowly, along with outrageously stealing all your money" into a human right.

Please explain to me why, given the magnitude of this scam, which I remind you is more than $1,200 per person, per year in this nation for this one disease alone, a sum that is extracted from every one of you in higher health insurance premiums and medical costs, never mind the millions of impacted persons who inevitably go through various and sundry nasty effects of this disease including amputations, blindness, kidney dialysis and death the people of this nation are not building gallows right now on the National Mall and demanding that this crap be stopped, immediately and permanently, or they're going to use said gallows and leave the carcasses it generates for buzzards to consume -- starting with every Democrat Candidate for President, sitting Congressperson, Hospital executive and all the executives in every single pharmaceutical firm in the United States.

PS: Note, I remind you, that this level of savings and superior health outcomes can be had without breaking a single medical monopoly or doing anything about the outrageous, 500% of market-price, systemic financial******as a whole!

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