Well What Do You Know: ENOUGH!
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2019-05-26 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Personal Health , 207 references Ignore this thread
Well What Do You Know: ENOUGH!
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Look at what we have here...

CrossFit is a contrarian physiological and nutrition prescription for improving fitness and health. It is contrarian because prevailing views of fitness, health, and nutrition are wrong and have unleashed a tsunami of chronic disease upon our friends, family, and communities. The voluntary CrossFit community of 15,000 affiliates and millions of individual adherents stands steadfastly and often alone against an unholy alliance of academia, government, and multinational food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies.


Recently, Facebook deleted without warning or explanation the Banting7DayMealPlan user group. The group has 1.65 million users who post testimonials and other information regarding the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet. 

Facesucker makes a very material percentage of their money selling ad space to high-carb garbage companies that ought to be put out of business by the FDA for selling slow poisons.  Of course they won't be, and the government not only doesn't care it loves these firms making you sick and nearly dead as that feeds the medical monster as well.

Never mind debilitating you to the point that you can't manage to get off the ****ing couch any more -- which means you won't shoot them because you can't no matter how much tyranny and abuse they heap on you.

As I wrote several years ago in the article Demolishing Lies on Low Carb Eating the facts are clear.

But don't just take my word for it -- take Sherri Shepherds'.  As I pointed out in The Low-Hanging Fruit if you cut this crap out and are Type II diabetic your diabetes will disappear.  Not "experience better control", not "be helped", disappear as in no longer diabetic at all.  Her A1c went from 6.6 (diabetic) to 5.4 (Normal).  In less than one year at age 52 she went from Type II diabetic to not-diabetic.  She had previously had three separate annual checks in which her A1c was 6.6 despite taking Metformin, the front-line Type II diabetes drug.

All she did was remove sugars from her diet.

I'll bet $50 her pants fell off too.

Carbohydrates cause strokes, diabetes and heart disease.  They're more deadly than smoking tobacco, on balance, in terms of the number of people debilitated and killed every year.  Yet tobacco is regulated and cannot be sold to people who are under age while sugary drinks, fast food and fast carbs of all sort are advertised, marketed and sold to children as young as toddlers every single ****ing hour of every day.

63% of teenage girls are overweight by the time they're 11.  Two thirds of American adults are overweight. 40% of American adults are obese totaling nearly 100 million people.  Being black genetically disposes you to obesity and Type II diabetes, likely due to the lack of seasonal variation (read: near-starvation) for a good part of the year on a historical basis (e.g. in Africa.)  It takes tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or more years for adaptation to take place and in the modern world it probably never will occur among humans because we have turned what used to be lethal genetic disadvantages (thus your odds of reproduction were lower) into survivable, life-time chronic conditions (which don't stop you from screwing and making babies but do bankrupt you.) 

We spend hundreds of billions every year on Type II diabetes drugs and other treatment and the progression of this disease leads to blindness, amputations, kidney dialysis and a nasty, slow, painful death.  It also radically raises the risk of both heart attacks and strokes, both of which kill outright a good part of the time and when they don't they result in serious disability and a huge amount of monetary expense.  The food, medical and pharmaceutical industries collectively and intentionally lie and our governments refuse to clamp down on these liars, frauds and sellers of poison, including selling same to children in vending machines and stores all over the world.  We banned cigarette vending machines that used to be in every bar and store across the nation; I haven't seen one in decades, yet on every ****ing street corner, in the vestibule of every WalMart, in every hotel corridor across the country and in every single convenience store and gas station there are entire rows, racks and fountains selling liquid and solid slow poisons on an unrestricted basis to anyone and everyone who has money.

Even worse you can use a government EBT card -- that is, welfare money, to buy this crap which will trash your health and force you to then go to the doctor on Medicare or Medicaid!  To top it off the government mandates that after poisoning you stores must then put in ramps and many even provide battery-powered "scooters" so once you're debilitated to the point of near-death and weigh 400+ lbs you can buy even more of that **** and further hasten your own demise, all on government mandate.

We could take FOUR HUNDRED BILLION off federal spending every single year between Medicare and Medicaid by simply refusing to pay for any medical treatment for any Type II diabetic who refuses to get the ******ned carbs out of their diet.  We would not only stop spending the money the people who were effectively forced to stop killing themselves would lose the weight and their blood sugar levels would normalize without taking a single drug.  In short they would not die from said condition and their debilitation, if already present, would greatly decrease and in many cases disappear entirely.

**** these people in the government, the "food" industry and the medical and pharmaceutical businesses.  All of them.  They should all be in prison, or give 'em a trial and then hang them, allowing the buzzards to recycle their corrupt, putrid carcasses.  That is what they all deserve.

But no!  Instead we not only allow firms that promote and wreak this havoc upon the land to exist we laud them as "social" and "good", as if somehow advocating and promoting slow poisons and death through deceit and outright scam (e.g. the "food pyramid") is a public good.

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