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Only six states provide protection for balance billing ... FL, CA, CT, IL, MD, NY.

12 states provide limited protection with hold harmless provisions. CO is one of them. These states still allow providers to send bills, and in CO, providers have sent bills where the patient may not understand the right to not pay the balance portion.

The rest? They can charge whatever they want up to the billable amount (Chargemaster price).

The fraud is in every nook and cranny of the system and will be impossible to eradicate without killing the whole beast.

But even though the hospital was in-network the term used to describe agreements for reduced rates negotiated between providers and insurance companies the plastic surgeon who operated on Reid Rupp was not. Five weeks later, the Rupps received a medical bill for more than $17,000.

Surprise billing the term used in the industry has become more common as hospitals contract out for more services. About 65 percent of U.S. hospitals contract out their ER staffing and management, according to 2014 data from Merritt Hawkins, a physician staffing company.

Christman (the doctor) said he couldnt specifically discuss Rupps case because of patient confidentiality.

Christmans office and his debt collector have continued to try to bill the Rupps. A June 21, 2017, letter from Christmans accounts receivable department to Reids father Christopher says: Please be advised that there are two ways of settling this debt timely payments or protracted and unpleasant collection effort. At this time the choice is still yours. Please send payment today.

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