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@Greenrebellion -- Why? Oh, simple -- they all know what happens if you go down that hole.

CATO has pointed out that in their estimation half of all health-care spend is either (1) fraudulent or (2) unnecessary.

In other words you go in for a "routine" thing, the bill sent to "insurance" is $200 but that was up-coded; what you actually had, and saw the doc for, was a $100 incident. That's 50% and it's fraud.

Or, you go to get your appendix out, they do it, give you an infection and instead of $5,000 worth of medicine you have $20,000 worth of medicine "done" to you. That's 75% unnecessary; they GAVE YOU the other $15,000 worth of "need"!

BTW one of the cites in that book FROM THE MEDICAL SOCIETIES THEMSELVES is that fully ONE THIRD of doctors admit to defrauding the system by "upcoding." That's self-admitted felony! How many are actually doing it? I bet the real percentage is "nearly all, if not all."

Note that this documentation from CATO is before you get into ANY of the 15 USC Chapter 1 fraud and felony! How much is THAT on top of it? Another half, at least.

Well now we're within spitting distance of 80% aren't we?

IF you do ANY of this, however, the impact on all these "mavens" of today's business world -- and the stock market -- is instantaneous and severe. Never mind that if the people figure out that they've been routinely butt****ed for 15% or more of their income and a significant number of people, likely including a friend or family member, has been bankrupted, harmed or even killed by INTENTIONAL carelessness or worse you might actually get some percentage of the 330 million Americans to find their pitchfork, torch and maybe even a gallon of gasoline to go with it.

Why has there been ZERO press on the CATO book? That would be why. Why do NONE of the media want to talk with me about any of this? That would be why. Why did LEVERAGE, which incidentally has a FULL SECTION on this (and on which I've expanded since its publication) get effectively "memory-holed" by the press instead of being covered? THAT WOULD BE WHY.

Incidentally there was, right after Trump's election, supposedly a series of meetings with various actual health care providers (real docs, and really good docs) which I was going to be a part of. Postponed twice, and then indefinitely -- never rescheduled. Gee, I wonder why?

You think Trump doesn't know all of this having run a company for 20+ years? Bull****. If I figured it out and was all over it almost immediately when MCSNet got ass-rammed a few times by the health "insurance" complex that was part of our benefit system do you really think HE doesn't know exactly what the **** is going on and how criminal it is?

Like Hell he doesn't.

The only way politicians will take this on and fix it instead of pulling Chris Christie's is if and when the people en-masse find that pitchfork and torch and make clear that this crap either stops RIGHT ****ING NOW "or else." One or a few people will simply be jailed or shot if they get "uppity" about it. But if even a single percent of the population decided they were not going to put up with this **** and it was going to stop NOW that would be the end of it in a single afternoon; there is not a snowball's chance in Hell that all the cops in the land could do a ******ned thing about two or three MILLION people deciding as a group to take that decision IF THEY ACTUALLY MEANT IT.

Nor does any of this need "new laws" -- so were the people to decide this neither you or they are advocating for "lawlessness", "anarchy" or anything like it. You're in fact demanding that EXISTING 100+ year old law be enforced RIGHT DAMN NOW or you're going to act with exactly as much regard for the law AS THE MEDICAL SYSTEM HAS -- that is, NONE.

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