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User Info In-Your-Face Felonies, Willfully Ignored; entered at 2019-04-26 01:28:11
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<I> It would be akin to buying expensive flood insurance in an area that hasn't experienced a flood in the last 100 years.</I><BR>

Let me spin you a personal story.

You may have seen, or not, the massive flooding in Nebraska. Half the infrastructure in the Eastern side of the state is gone. By gone as in if you look at Highway 30 near where I grew up, it is gone. 4 lanes just gone.

My later grandparents spent their life living in that area (both sides). They saw development start in areas that had seen flooding. The same statement "It has flooded there in 100 years!" was made.

Both of my grandfathers built for the floods. One build up his house so if the river next door was 10 feet over record flood stage he would be ok, the other moved the the farm up hill.

They never saw the flood that just happened. Both are long dead. But the preperations they made allowed my family to be unaffected. The ones in the "hasn't hit here in a 100 years!" lost everything. And I mean everything.

Neither made the move in a day. It was over a period of time. Neither saw the fruit of their labors. But the family did. My cousin watched his neighbor lose it all. Millions of dollars of rolling stock, live stock, land, and personal possessions in a hundred year flood while he road it out in relative comfort. A little company called COSTCO lost a lot of their proposed chicken farms and processing capacity because they built where the land was cheap, and the 100 year flood came. A lot of beef went down the river (look at the cattle futures) because people got greedy and forgot what happened before.

In short. You plan for the flood. You plan for the storm. Sometimes you can't plant enough, but I have seen to many people say "It will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!" and get destroyed to bet on sunny weather forever.
2019-04-26 01:28:11