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User Info In-Your-Face Felonies, Willfully Ignored; entered at 2019-04-25 22:16:33
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"It [excessive preparation] would be akin to buying expensive flood insurance in an area that hasn't experienced a flood in the last 100 years."

You mean some place like Houston during Harvey? My land and all of the structures on it had no record of ever flooding until Harvey, yet I had expensive flood insurance. Moreover, guess whose house was the only house in the entire neighborhood which didn't have to have the Coast Guard rescue unprepared dimwits?

I was spending the summer at the Grand Canyon when Harvey struck, so I missed all of the fun; but my sons and six others benefited from me being "excessively" prepared. They had plenty of food, water, backup power and some high ground.

Regarding asteroids, volcanism, super grand solar minimums, magnetic pole reversal, magnetosphere collapse, super solar flares and the grand daddy of them all, a micro nova from our Sun: here is where I personally stand on all of that: I'm a Catastrophist; which means I'm not part of the 99.99%, I'm part of the 00.01% who understand just how vulnerable is the little blue marble we call, "Earth". ... Which also means I have very expensive catastrophy insurance, too.

The fact of the matter is that Randell Carlson, Robert Schoch and Graham Hancock are upending the main stream views on how often Earth has suffered and shall again suffer through cataclysmic events... What shapes Earth is not just millions upon millions of years of geological gradualism only. Included in the gradualism found in the Geologic Time Scale is massive punctuated change on a scale of which is far greater and occuring far more often than the ignorant masses are even remotely aware. But awareness is growing thanks to individuals like Joe Rogan whose interviews are now reaching millions. Joe just did an interview with Graham Hancock 3 days ago regarding Graham's brilliant new book, and already it has about two million views on YouTube alone. So the truth is finally getting out decades after Charlton Heston did that spectacular documentary back in the day on the true age of the Sphinx based on Robert Schoch's work...

The bottom line is that man-made collapse isn't the only risk to modern civilization, Mother Nature can, has and shall deliver a far greater blow...

Well, I've probably perturbed Karl enough with all of this Doomsday talk, so goodnight.
2019-04-25 22:16:33