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@Mr_Clueless --
It would be akin to buying expensive flood insurance in an area that hasn't experienced a flood in the last 100 years.

And this is exactly the sort of stupidity that I'm talking about.

Most people in fact don't buy such insurance. Do you realize why that's dumb?

Probably not.

Humans are in fact quite bad at running statistical probabilities on events like this and figuring out how dangerous they really are.

The United States has undergone three shooting wars on our soil since 1776, or on average about one every 81 years. You might say "well but the last one was in the 1860s so that's a false set of claims" and my riposte is "Yeah, and if you made it through 1776 and got it again 36 years later you might disagree!"

In fact WWI was called "The War to End All Wars."

How'd that work out for pretty-much everyone in Europe?

Here's the ugly reality -- you are odds-on to be at least in a nation that undergoes a violent conflict on its own soil during an average human lifetime. That doesn't mean you get sacked -- there was plenty of land that wasn't during the Civil War, and outside of a few areas the War of 1812 didn't trash many people's "stuff" either. But it does mean you get to live through it both economically and, if you get unlucky, personally.

The odds are materially worse, incidentally, in Europe than they are in North America which makes their idiocy when it comes to personal firearms ownership even more outrageous.
2019-04-25 20:17:37