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User Info In-Your-Face Felonies, Willfully Ignored; entered at 2019-04-25 18:15:24
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"People have been calling for it since 2009 but it has not happened."

Actually, people have been calling for "it" for much longer than that. I remember the 70s and early 80s back when many Libertarians (myself included) thought "this is it, the U.S. is going to collapse". First, inflation was a problem then stagflation then interest rates. Americans were getting a good ass kicking. NYC was awash with vice and corruption and it was difficult to make a buck. Times were tough. Upstate NY felt like a depression. I basically lived in both locations, so I remember how it felt.

Fast forward to 2008-2009: that also seemed like the U.S. economy was on the verge of a disaster. Remember when the Dow was bottoming? Remember Lehman Brothers? So for many it was a "personal disaster". Frankly, I'm glad that America didn't suffer a total breakdown. It's not going to be a nice place to live when it happens.

So, currently, here I am in Houston, Texas. And I don't scare easily. I'm not scared of an imminent collapse; however, I'm ready for one. In fact, I'm ready for the big one. Think of it as "insurance". On the other hand, I'm also ready to prosper in both the city of Houston and the state of Texas and the Swamp that some people call America --- I'm ready for however long this corrupt Swamp continues on.

To anybody who thinks that "disaster" isn't coming and it's a waste of time to prepare for it, then don't worry be happy. Live your life like it's impossible for the lights to go out. As for me, I'm not just thinking of me. I'm thinking long-term for my grandchildren. If I don't live to see the next Great Depression, then my grandchildren will inherit my belongings via a trust fund and other means. But what they won't get, unfortunately, is my vast knowledge and skill set on how to manage the lock, stock and barrel of a successful Depression era business, ranch, farm and homestead. Knowledge that was passed on to me by old timers as I learned through hands-on experience. And that kind of knowledge and wisdom is just as valuable as money. And in some cases more so.

Lack of knowledge can kill the ignorant. Lack of skills, lack of resources and lack of preparation is what I see EVERYWHERE.

Good luck when the JIT and SCADA systems fail to keep the power, water, food, fuel and medical supplies flowing into the city and the sewerage and garbage flowing out. That's the day 99.99% learn what SHTF really feels like.
2019-04-25 18:15:24