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User Info In-Your-Face Felonies, Willfully Ignored; entered at 2019-04-25 17:42:28
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Mr_clueless....cute name given your response.

Would you take any long journey without properly preparing for it? More than likely not, you would pack the clothes and supplies you need to not only give you the comforts that are important to you, but also offer you protection.

Some on this site have put out great target dates and factual reasoning on when things can break....and 2024 is one of those dates. Of course that date could be delayed 2-5-7 even 10 years. No one really knows. Heck it could happen tomorrow for all we know.

If you knew your journey was going to cover dangerous roads, heck there might not even be roads in some spots. If on your journey you did not know where the next watering hole or food supply was, would you not try and prepaid for that trip to the best of your ability?

No time in the history of the human mind has there been so much built on debt. As this Ticker points out the debt is so vast that theft has become the business model. Today? Tomorrow? 10 years from now? The last dime will be pulled forward and payment will be demanded in earnest.

What will you value then? Your house? Your car? Or just a means to survive?

No one knows just how bad it will get, just like no one knows just when this starts to take place.

But if you want to deny the reality of the world we live in today the least I can do for you is show you respect and make sure to address your cluelessness as Mr.....clueless.
2019-04-25 17:42:28