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User Info In-Your-Face Felonies, Willfully Ignored; entered at 2019-04-25 13:02:46
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This was another well written article which outlined many good points. A key point is the "money flow". Remember that old saying, "follow the money"? Add to that saying, "watch the volume and speed". Most people don't understand how capital flows work in our "Modern Monetary System". Knowing how money travels locally, nationally and globally is a necessary financial survival skill.

Skipping to solutions: the article detailed workable solutions that won't work. What do I mean? In my opinion "people are the problem". In other words, there are no workable solutions simply because human nature prevents the ignorant masses from choosing to do what's in their long-term best interest. A workable solution might be in their long-term best interest, but the ignorant masses will believe in the quick fixes that the politicians promise to be painless solutions.

So where does that leave those of us who see the economic disaster that's coming? It allows us precious time to prepare for events that will surprise 99.99% of the general public. Every sunny day that goes by is another sunny day that should be used to prepare for the rainy days ahead. For example, what happens when the big U.S. cities go nuts? I live in a very large city, so that's the paramount question I have to ask myself? I have to ask myself, "WHAT'S MY OWN PERSONAL WORKABLE SOLUTION"? Every man should be asking himself that before it's too late.

Again, great article.
2019-04-25 13:02:46