Trump Lies: He WANTS The Illegals To Come
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2019-04-23 09:32 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 181 references Ignore this thread
Trump Lies: He WANTS The Illegals To Come
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I have maintained since before the election that Trump would not do a damn thing about the flood of illegals in this nation.

Obama didn't.  Bush didn't.  Neither did Clinton.

Reagan made a deal that was allegedly going to stop all future illegal immigration with Tip.  The Democrats reneged.  Reagan did..... nothing in response.

He could have.

He could have refused to sign a single bill until the other half of the deal was complete (he gave amnesty to all of them already here in exchange for the bill that was never written and sent to him.)

This was not the only lie Reagan told.  The other big one was on taxes and spending -- he was promised (by Tip, again) that in return for the big tax cuts he passed the Democrats would present to him a balanced budget and balance it into the future.  They did not; there were no spending cuts.  Ever.  And again, rather than enforce the deal he had made Reagan lied to the American people and screwed them up the ass.

Trump said he would stop illegal immigration.  Instead he has not only given 750,000 work permits to fraudulently-claimed asylum claimants who illegally crossed into the United States (90%+ of said claimants do not have a valid claim -- and they know it) he could in an afternoon cut off the "remittance" flows.

Instead he has allowed, among other things, The Fed to create and maintain a program for sending money illegally earned back to Mexico.  Most of the $33 billion a year sent to Mexico by illegals travels through this program.  It is blatantly and outrageously in violation of the law on a number of grounds, not the least of which is the Banking Secrecy Act of 1970 that requires banks to report and effort to block money laundering and fraud.

Since virtually all of these funds are fruits from illegal acts, either fraudulent "employment" (from which no taxes were collected or withheld) or criminal enterprises such as drug dealing, extortion and human trafficking this entire "conduit" is nothing more than formal Federal Reserve endorsement and facilitation of blatantly illegal activity.

That is a reason to impeach Donald Trump.

I can tell who's a Republican these days by the carpet burns on their knees.

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