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@Tonythetiger - Exactly.

Now explain why it is that the hospitals, doctors offices, insurance companies and everyone who works at any of them are able to walk around our nice town and have a great evening without anything bad happening (like getting the middle finger in their face -- no need for violence or illegal acts) or -- much worse?

Never mind that our own County Commission last year approved a HUGE property tax hike because these same dickheads did the same thing with some prisoners up in the county jail who needed treatment. Guess how many people showed up at their public hearing to raise hell about that?


ME, to be specific. For that I was personally insulted and called a "fat cat" because I was "able to afford it." On the record and in session, no less.

Yes, after raising said hell they voted for said tax increase. Why not? There certainly wasn't any threat from the people who live here -- all 202,000 of them -- to make the commissioner's lives a LIVING but LEGAL HELL for doing so. They're supposed to give a **** when ONE dude out of over TWO HUNDRED ****ING THOUSAND PEOPLE bother to raise a stink?

Why not **** us and give their "friends" over at the local hospital ANOTHER big chunk of OUR money -- shoving a ****ing gun up our noses to get it? It's not they FEAR the 200,000+ people deciding they've had enough of that ****, right?

Am I supposed to be impressed by the "wonderful" people in this country? The only difference between******and sex is CONSENT!

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