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User Info Cut The Crap; entered at 2019-04-13 13:33:43
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Registered: 2019-01-27 Fort Walton
We don't need to compare past costs to current costs in the medical field to show the impact of graft and corruption. Just look at the prices charged for medical devices vs. the cost for the same item elsewhere.

Case in point based on actual events, for the exact same product.

See neck brace here:

For the low cost of $86 + taxes you can have it shipped (free) to your home.

Actual billed cost from a doctor: $3,985.32
BCBS negotiated 'discount': $3,210.88

Net cost via insurance system: $774.44
(Fully covered by insurance.)

Patient cost: $0.00

So a great deal for the patient taken in a small world sense, but imagine what that does to the premiums necessary to support paying 9x the over-the-counter cost of such devices.

Great deal for the doctor too. $680+ of pure profit for writing a prescription.

Not such a great deal for those who have to cover the ever-rising premiums for insurance.

Nor for anyone who can't afford/doesn't have insurance. They get stuck with a bill for $3,895.32 or do without.

How on earth can anyone keep a straight face when they price something at 45x the cost it can be had online and without the prescription?

I'm thinking the whole "Do no harm" oath doesn't apply to financial******such as this these days. What is our world coming to?
2019-04-13 13:33:43