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User Info Cut The Crap; entered at 2019-04-12 17:21:25
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I have an idea for a business. Of course, the issues that Karl lists could make it pointless for any given individual to start it, but maybe there would be someone for whom it would work. I have loads of ideas for businesses that I hope someone will want to start. I could be missing something in this case; maybe it exists already but I haven't come across it; maybe there would be some other problem.

So - there are lots of articles online - on NBC, on CNN, and so on - that don't have comment sections. And now the WSJ has essentially gotten rid of its comment sections; they are only allowing comments on a very few articles at a time, and of course only the ones on which they think they'll like the comments they get. Since our Overlords really hated the WSJ comments. The commenters are a bunch of old, socially conservative business dudes, who would constantly call out BS. The WSJ thought they would be able to stop this by requiring commenters to comment under their own names, but that didn't do the trick - these guys (and some women) were self-confident and self-sufficient enough to comment anyway. So, the comment sections have been killed.

There needs to be a website where people can comment on any article online. So if you read an annoying NBC article, for instance, you could go to the new site and start a comment thread on it. For articles behind paywalls, perhaps only people who subscribed to the periodical would be able to read it to comment on it (although someone could post a summary). The site could have a name like "CommentHere".

This would drive the mainstream media insane. Right now they can put out some crap article and no-one can comment on it. It can just sit out there, as a bit of unquestioned propaganda.

I think that this could make some money from advertising. I do think it could be popular. If there were links to the relevant articles (rather than copies of them), I don't think there would be an intellectual property problem, but that would have to be checked.
2019-04-12 17:21:25