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User Info Cut The Crap; entered at 2019-04-12 11:43:27
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This will be the downfall of the nation and I liken it to people that win the lottery. Granted the welfare isn't a financial windfall but unearned income is still unearned income. Most lottery winners blow their wad and end up bankrupt, depressed and generally worse off before they won. Think it's any different for the folks getting SSDI? Only difference is the amount of $$$.

I have my own family SSDI story. I'll spare the details but he qualified when he was mid-30's and by 40 he managed to kill himself. I haven't seen the toxicology but everyone assumes it was an OD. Now I don't think he was lazy per-se, but when he did work it was bouncing around low paying jobs without any real prospect of getting out of a poverty trap. SSDI was certainly easier for far more. It's not human nature to feel good about being a sloth, therefore if you already have an issue with self-control adding in a lot of free time is a ticking time bomb.

Working the assembly line wasn't glamorous back in the day but it gave men worth and was enough scratch to buy a house and raise a family. We've replaced that with a handout. Goodbye America.
2019-04-12 11:43:27