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User Info Look What We Have Here! (Fed); entered at 2019-04-11 11:02:40
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So true. Trump wants to put Cain in because he can be controlled to keep pushing the BS QE crap and only helps wall street. These comments just came out from the Fed and the market ripped higher:ECONX Saint Louis Fed President James Bullard full speech follow up

Bullard began by noting that the Federal Open Market Committee indicated at its most recent meeting that, if the economy evolves about as expected, the current level of the policy ratethe federal funds rate target rangewill be appropriate through 2019. The FOMC also announced the Fed's balance sheet reduction program will end this autumn.
Bullard went on to discuss the macroeconomic challenges facing the FOMC during 2019. Particularly, he pointed out that the FOMC may miss its inflation target on the low side in 2019 based on current readings of market-based inflation expectations, following seven years of inflation mostly below target. Full Speech

09:44ECONX Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida says indicators of longer-term inflation expectations remain at the low end of a range that he considers consistent with the Fed's price-stability mandate

Mr. Clarida said "All that said, the incoming data have revealed signs that U.S. economic growth is slowing somewhat from 2018's robust pace. Prospects for foreign economic growth have been marked down, and important international risks, such as Brexit, remain. U.S. inflation as measured by the core personal consumption expenditures price index, which excludes volatile food and energy prices and is a better gauge of underlying inflation pressures, has been muted. And some indicators of longer-term inflation expectations remain at the low end of a range that I consider consistent with our price-stability mandate." Full Speech

09:42ECONX Fed's Bullard says normalization is over; inflation may miss target - CNBC

These fools are jacking the markets and padding the investment accounts of the wealthy while at the same time destroying the buying power of the middle class. Again, no inflation because they completely ignore real inflation. Let's look at a little math that may affect a middle class family of 4:
Monthly health insurance premium: $1500
Monthly car payment : $500
House/Rent payment : $1200
Insurance costs : $300
Utilities : $150
Groceries : $500
Cable/Internet : $250
Cell Phones : $200
Education: : $300
Credit card payments : $500
Total : $5400 and no entertainment or other spending
These numbers are approximate based on experience
How in the hell can anyone survive today without making at least $100k gross? The Fed keeps rates low only to protect wall street. The average credit card rate now exceeds 17% and this is where a lot of the debt ends up. I am an outside consultant for a bank wealth committee and in the past week, the mortgage guy mentioned that there are more and more cash out loans on homes.
These folks know their homes are grossly over priced and are taking the money and running.
I saw BBBY announce their earnings last night and their Non-GAAP number was $1.20 and their GAAP earnings was ($1.92) Look at the spread! These fools have the audacity to think this accounting is legal? This is what is going on throughout the market. The fed lies about inflation and growth. The government manufactures employment numbers out of thin air. These companies buy back stock and completely lie about their earnings and growth.
Under it all is an economy that is leveraged to the hilt with little or nothing holding it up. How much longer can all this fraud continue without the whole mess blowing up?
2019-04-11 11:02:40