**** You, Mr. President
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2018-12-06 09:37 by Karl Denninger
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**** You, Mr. President
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You said none of the caravan members will make it into the US.

Well, you lied.

Not only did you lie you let one of them drop an anchor baby in the US.

Well, at least one.

And by the way, does anyone believe a 2-year old climbed the fence?  Where were the many thousands of alleged border patrol folks that could have (if they wanted to) prevent that?

Now you've forced me, at gunpoint, to pay for this woman's birth expenses.  She has no money and thus the taxpayer will be forced to cover it.  I pay taxes, therefore you now have shoved a gun up my nose and forced me to pay for her hospital bill.

You will force me, and the rest of Americans, at gunpoint, to pay for her spawn -- to house that child, to feed it, to clothe it and to educate it.

Let's put a number on this -- $4,000 a month for the next 18 years is the average that these invading locusts consume.  That's north of $800,000 that she and her spawn are now going to steal and you can blow me if you think I'm going to willingly fork it up without consequence to you and everyone else involved for your political lies.

All of this happened because you did not keep your promise to build the ****ing wall.

You said you would veto not one but two budget resolutions which didn't include the funding for it or the construction.  You failed to veto either.  You have threatened a third veto but that's a lie too, and you know it.  You have in fact already told Congress you will sign a CR giving them "more time" with no wall funding.

In fact this woman is celebrating that she has now managed to rob America of nearly a million dollars.

Calling the birth in the U.S. a "big reward" for her family's journey....

big reward eh?  I'd say $800,000 is quite a "big reward."

She robbed us all with your help and explicit consent and she will continue to do so.

You're a lying sack of ****, Mr. President, and you will have no second term.

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