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2018-11-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Environment , 462 references Ignore this thread
We're Screwed
[Comments enabled]

The big lieberal claim is that we're all going to burn up and drown -- pick which comes first -- due to human-caused warming.

What if the lieberals -- who are using this foil as a means to put in place massive tax schemes and impossible-to-meet goals -- are flat-out backwards?

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. The information she unveiled should shake/wake you up. 

Zharkova was one of the few that correctly predicted solar cycle 24 would be weaker than cycle 23 - only 2 out of 150 models predicted this. 

Her models have run at a 93% accuracy and her findings suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020 and running for 350-400 years. 

Now that is doom and gloom.

But I don't have to go quite there.  I only need to expect (and I do) that we're headed for something like a Maunder Minimum.

The sun is the most-watched celestial body in the history of man, with excellent records being kept -- and with good cause.  In ancient times they threw virgins into volcanoes to try to prevent the Sun from going away.  In more-recent ones people realized exactly how important those cycles were not to weather but to longer-term trends -- those lasting decades or centuries.

We have been in a relatively warm multi-decade period driven by said cycle.

But that cycle has turned as it always has in the history of this rock.

Exactly how deeply that downturn will be is the subject of much speculation but given the history and patterns involved expecting a deep, relatively-long (decades) downward movement in solar flux reaching Earth is not only reasonable it's the odds-on bet by a wide margin.

If this proves up then all the AGW screamers are not only going to be exposed as 100% full of crap the people of the world need to rise up and eat them all, from the politicians on down to the local college professor.

Why such harsh words?  Because these screamers, from the IPCC to heads of state to the fraudsters in so-called "academia" who have cooked their data and even lied outright will, through their insistence on "planning" for something that is not happening and won't while ignoring that which both will and is the direct opposite, be directly responsible for the death of up to one quarter of all humans living on this rock.

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