Shooting in CA
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2018-11-08 09:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 176 references Ignore this thread
Shooting in CA
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Dims "promise" to "tackle" gun violence.

How about if we tackle the people who are inclined to such violence instead?

Let's start with who's the shooter?  There are already rumors flying around but I'm not going to play that game; I'll wait until he's identified.  But I will say this -- someone walking into a nightclub and shooting it up like this in cold blood didn't do it on the spur of the moment.  From the reports thus far this sounds like a carefully planned and executed attack by someone who was not only hellbent on their actions but had coldly thought it out and was not in any way surprised, shocked or otherwise unnerved by flying bodies and blood -- not someone who was raged or roided out due to a spat with a girlfriend or something like that.

So is this domestic terrorism?  Probably.  But again -- let's wait until we know eh?

This much I'm sure of -- the gun didn't shoot anyone.  A person did.

Israel has managed to operate in one of the most-hostile places in the world with damn near everyone around them wanting them all dead -- and they mean it too.  Yet they have not suffered any air terrorism (despite it being a very tasty target for such a jackwad) nor do they suffer very many of these sorts of incidents.  A large part of that is because they focus on people, not things; they understand that people with guns on the good side will be the only means of stopping evil bastards, no matter what they're using.

So you have armed people in various otherwise "soft" places - - like schools.  But if you think it's hard to get a fully automatic firearm in that part of the world you're out of your mind.  It's much harder to get one here in the United States than it is there where every terrorist group on the planet has some sort of representation within a few dozen miles.

And then you have people making terrorist threats right here who are not arrested -- like those who did so at Tucker Carlson's home, including one caught on video talking about bombs.  Gee, I wonder where someone gets the idea that they could go shoot up a bar unopposed?

Oh by the way, that makes two bars, right?  Pulse and now this one?  What's the common element?

Firearm carry is broadly illegal in such an establishment.

Maybe it ought not be.

And maybe we ought to focus on people instead of things.

But that doesn't fit the Dim's narrative, does it?  Nope -- especially not when you consider that of the various people who have publicly stated that violence is part of their intent a very large percentage of them are hard-left jackwads.

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