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User Info Private Business? Not So Fast....; entered at 2018-10-14 13:38:15
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I've said this from the beginning: if they (viz., the Bolshevik Progressives aka, the Online Neo-Saul-Alinsky Mob, aka, The Silicon Valley "Resistance") can deplatform and de-person and defund Alex Jones, if they can get him, then they can get other participants in "The Freedom Movement", too.

They get him, and then they come get someone else and someone else until they get you and "me too"...

The good news is that the Blob in the White House (Donald Trump) is the one whom they really want. And Trump knows this is a fight to the death. And so far the Blob is swallowing everything he touches, e.g., even foreign countries are complaining how The Donald is talked about more on the news than their own politicians. Yes, the Blob has completely swallowed the news cycle.... It's like a real-life horror movie.

The Blob's Army, aka, The MAGA Army, is actually growing, too. And even pols, like that total shitbag Mitch McConnell, are siding with the Blob. Did you see the MAGA rally in Kentucky? Trump has massive support. And it looks like the "Blue Wave" that was supposed to hit the Senate has hit The Blob, instead. At this point, the House might not flip blue, either, but that remains to be seen.

Alex will survive, and he has a back channel into the White House. That means Trump knows some of the latest conspiracy theories. Trump actually likes to consider conspiracy theories, e.g., Obama's birth certificate. And if you think that reading conspiracy theories is a bad thing, I say it's no worse than Nancy Reagan's fascination with the occult and her influence on her husband.

I just bought some more tooth paste from Alex, and I'll continue to support him even if I have to drive over to Austin, myself.
2018-10-14 13:38:15