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User Info Private Business? Not So Fast....; entered at 2018-10-14 10:41:30
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Discrimination is fine for the left because they are either Victims or support the victims. They think they have some duty to stop the right from exposing their victims to the truth. We all know that they shut down Inforwars due to the mid-terms. Too many people were questioning the lefts lies and that had to stop. Alex Jones can be quite a mouth full, but gets the point across. This is all about politics and nothing else. They always loved to use racism as their cry, but even the minorities knew when someone was crying wolf. Now they use "hate speech" in order to justify their discrimination. This biggest issue is that they allow left-side groups stay on their systems and completely ignore real hate and division. That still works for them....
2018-10-14 10:41:30