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Why didn't you support the positive long-lasting message of Bill Still rather than arguing about the things that destroy (and that don't matter nearly as much)? Your comments about Lincoln are your own, there's no need to confront those.

What positive long-lasting message? Bill Still took literally a couple of decades of monetary reform advocacy and flushed them down the toilet the second Trump was on-path to be President.

**** him.

The difference between this situation and Adams/Jefferson is profound. You CANNOT build bridges with someone who has no principles and as soon as it's expedient to ***** themselves out that's exactly what they do. I suspected Still was in fact doing this early on, but now it's proved -- just like Ron Paul and his so-called "hard money" advocacy.

You can't build a bridge on shifting sand. I can and will work with someone who I have significant disagreements with, if there is common ground to be worked, provided they mean what they say and ACTUALLY have a set of principles to stand on.

But if not? Then **** them and **** anyone and everyone who wants to take a cheap shot at me for refusing to put up with that crap.

Get the **** off my lawn.

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2018-10-08 21:47:19