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User Info No, GDP Did *NOT* Advance; entered at 2018-10-08 19:52:03
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If there's one President that DESERVED to be shot it was Lincoln. That man was a flat-out tyrant and may he burn in Hell forever. When I get there I'm going to make a point of ****ing every single orifice he has on an hourly basis for as long as the Devil will allow it.

In one sense I agree with you, yet in a much bigger sense I despise your attitude. Your comments are so childish and I'm not talking about the Lincoln part.
Why didn't you support the positive long-lasting message of Bill Still rather than arguing about the things that destroy (and that don't matter nearly as much)? Your comments about Lincoln are your own, there's no need to confront those.
But your comments about Still are evidence of a deeper lack of cooperation on your part. I too agree, I stopped watching/listening to him the moment his wife got on screen, because it was a line in the sand, it was when he stopped delivering the core message that he was famous for. But beyond that, you have destroyed the potential good that could have come from like minded folk.
In part I blame you Karl for the current state of America. You, unlike others, have an uncanny gift to bring the truth to light and that's a good thing and you begin well. But also unlike others, you have a tendency to not cooperate and to prevent mature dialogue. As I say, I agree Bill Still fell down, he's been off track more than ever for years now. You and others like you should have been there picking him up.
I would think the differences between two men such as yourself and Still are smaller than the (enormous) differences between Adams and Jefferson. But they built bridges. You seem to tear them apart, or at the very least stop them from being built.
2018-10-08 19:52:03