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User Info No, GDP Did *NOT* Advance; entered at 2018-10-07 13:23:30
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Over the years I've seen almost everyone I know both change their mind and express a different view. It's not uncommon for somebody to get buried with a totally different belief system than the one he was weaned on. Take, for example, Robert Nozick. He founded the Libertarian Party back in the 70s. He started out as just a Brooklyn boy ( kinda, sorta like me) but he ended up so different. So, it doesn't surprise me that Bill Still is singing a different tune. As far as making money by riding the Trump Train, I understand that, too. During Mark Dice's live "confirmation party" yesterday on YouTube, Mark was raking in an absolutely blinding amount of "donations". So, yeah, I understand what's going on ---$$$$.

Just take a look at the gold bugs. How many of them are proclaiming the virtue of "crypto currency"? There is no better example of "thin-air money" than Bitcoin, yet look how many "hard money" men abandoned gold for 010101010....

Of course, over the years I've changed my mind, too, and I hope it's for the better. For example, I got my fingers badly burned back in the 1980s, because I thought that the economy was going to collapse. So I loaded up on gold --- gold,gold,gold... Ouch!

Years later I ran into Robert Ringer ( another big-time 1970s Libertarian who had since changed) and I asked him his view about how we were so wrong about the collapse. We talked about it and exchanged a few emails. My takeaway was a new way of looking at socioeconomics. This: Robert said, "corruption works".

And that's the bottom line: corruption works until it doesn't. So, in full disclosure I've profited from the FANGs, U.S. bonds, oil, real estate, old classic cars and, yes, even some cryptos...and more.

Corruption works. Trump works. The Fed works. The dollar works. Washington works. It all works. Until it doesn't. And, for what it's worth, I'll give you my advice: when the music stops don't be caught without a chair. Or better yet, when the music stops be like Elvis.

"Elvis has left the building"...
2018-10-07 13:23:30