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User Info No, GDP Did *NOT* Advance; entered at 2018-10-07 13:15:13
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Karl - Sadly the chances of this not ending in collapse, civil war and or.....I go with both, is almost zero.

As you and your readers know, most people will do maff right up to the point their paycheck matters. That means it is everyone for themselves, which will ensure economic and civil collapse.

The democrats with their scorch earth policy on all thing social only helps to solidify some form of civil unrest, which has already started: Without the usual signs of an economic collapse.

Because maff is related to Mother Nature, it too is a bitch. And maff will want it's pound of flesh when it is good and ready to take it. And because progressives refuse to except their current set of social engineering has run it's course at the same time maff is coming to balance it's books, it looks like there is a good chance we get both economic and civil difficulties at the same time.

But what is perhaps the most difficult thing for us humans (at least this one) to understand is Mother Nature has her own time line and that means even though we can see the writing on the wall, we have no clue what time it is.
2018-10-07 13:15:13