I Told You So: Kids And The Border
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2018-07-12 11:31 by Karl Denninger
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I Told You So: Kids And The Border
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Why hasn't this been reported in the US Media?

The Trump administration said Thursday that nearly half of the children ages 5 and under who were separated from grown-ups at the U.S. border can't be reunited with their parents, mostly because many of the adults are violent criminals – and some lied about being the minors' parents.

President Donald Trump had claimed Tuesday that illegal immigrants and human traffickers were 'using children' to manipulate America's immigration system and make it easier for adults to enter the U.S. without papers and remain there.   

Of the 103 minors in the youngest age group, the administration has reunited 57 with parents, but the other 46 are 'ineligible,' the Justice and Homeland Security Departments reported.

Roughly half are "ineligible" because they have serious criminal histories such as kidnappingmurderchild abusehuman smuggling or are not the parent of the kid at all.

May I remind you that Obama also separated kids from their putative "parents" at the border for this exact reason.  It was well-documented at the time that many so-called "parents" traveling with "their children" and sneaking into the US were either serious criminals that would never be permitted to live with their children in the United States were they citizens -- ever or the kids were not their children at all and were being used either as pawns to get US authorities to release them or worse, they had the kids with them for the purpose of selling them into sexual slavery once in the United States.

This is why we must vet everyone who tries to come into the country and must insist that all of them come through regular, ordinary ports of entry and instantly reject any who, as their first act, violate the law by trying to sneak into the United States.

The left, including judges, are in fact demanding that child abuse, including kidnapping, rape and murder, not only be tolerated but encouraged right here, right now, in America.  Absolutely no American worthy of the label "human" can tolerate or permit that sort of crap to continue.

Second, I want to point out that the screaming, loony left is once again demonstrating that all of them are mentally deficient in that they are incapable of performing basic, elementary-school arithmetic and as such should not be able to vote or, for that matter, be paid attention to in any regard beyond the degree to which you would consider the opinion of a two year old when formulating public policy.

"Come here legally" sounds simple enough, but we don't let in the overwhelming majority of people who want to come here legally. And so people take calculated risks.

Know this: Virtually no one crosses the desert with a scared child or children for fun, or even for greed. When we talk of immigrants as faceless hordes or as insects who "infest" our country, it's too easy to forget they are simply human beings who don't have the same good luck Americans did to be born here.

Half of them or more, as I have pointed out, are not taking "calculated risks."  They're abusing children, often the children with them, or are serious criminal felons who, in this nation, we would never allow to reside with a child because that child would be at an unacceptable risk of abuse, including sexual abuse or death.

But more to the point in the general sense is this garbage:

We are a nation of plenty (if also of great inequality -- a fixable problem). We can be a nation of great humanity, and we should choose to extend that humanity to the vulnerable human beings who need a hand up, not a wall of separation.

This nation has 330 million people in it.  The world has north of 7 billion and most of them live in a nation that, by our standards, is a third-world ****hole.

There are myriad nations in which it is illegal to be gay; you will be thrown in prison or thrown off a roof if you are and it is detected.  There are myriad others in which while it may not be illegal to be trans or some other "different" thing you will nonetheless be persecuted or worse.  Then there are the myriad nations in which narco-terrorism or just plain old-fashioned terrorism is not only common it's an every day thing.

The majority of the population of this planet, which amounts to more than ten times our population, lives under these realities every single day or is so economically depressed that they have trouble finding enough food to eat and clean water to drink.

It is mathematically impossible for America to take them in.  If we attempted it our society would collapse.  Not only would they outnumber us by a literal 10:1 and the drain of doing so economically would destroy us all there is an even-more serious problem in that nearly all of them have no education and lack the balls to band together, stand up and fix what's wrong in their own nations.

You need only look at what is going on in Europe and the backlash -- with good cause -- it has engendered.  European governments were pressured by these very same screaming harpie types over there to let in a bunch of Muslims that have no education, no desire to assimilate and come from said turd-world ****holes.  They have sucked up enormous amounts of public spending, forced citizens out of their apartments and even college dorm rooms so they could have a "free and comfortable" place to live, contributed nothing and often have openly stated they have no intent of finding productive employment while they have a direct, fervent desire to bring their third-world garbage with them and establish it in said "new" nation, including in many cases their belief that woman and young girls are worthless and deserving of whatever some man would like to do, including raping them whenever it suits them.

The British Government jailed Tommy Robinson for having the temerity to report on "grooming gangs" composed of these "migrants", that were and are today stalking youths and attempting to convert them into sexual slaves.  The British Court system demanded that nobody report on these gangs, their commonly-light sentences when caught and their activities in the country.  He refused to shut up, spoke on a public street about same and was jailed for contempt.

Neither America nor any other nation can allow in alleged "migrants" that have no desire or intent to assimilate into the culture of the land in which they are trying to enter.  The vast majority of people in the world live in cultures that have no respect for anything approaching equal rights for all nor do they intend to ever conform to same.  If allowed in they will attempt to bring the very elements of their home society that caused it to turn into a third-world ****hole here.

Further, until and unless a nation stops the offshoring of labor such that those on the left side of the bell curve for intelligence, education and present skills have productive employment available to them that meets in full their cost of living you cannot allow even those who are willing to fully assimilate in because said nation has sent all of its lower-skill and lower-intelligence-required jobs overseas into nations that not only permit but encourage effective slave labor conditions for the purpose of making said labor "cheaper."  The United States has formal trade policies that not only allow this sort of abuse it damn near demands it in order to pump up the stock and other asset markets!

The best and proper response to such crises around the world is to strongly encourage those peoples to rise up and fix their own nations.  What we need to see are many American Revolutions around the world in these places.  Those who lack the stomach for same in fact have no respect for the process by which we got where we are and thus not only can we not take them in numerically, as it would utterly destroy our economy to open our doors to them would also destroy our social structure and, in many cases, lead to the same violence, including rapes and murders, that are occurring there right here on our own soil.

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